5 Simple Ways to Keep Fit and Fab

Whenever I write about health and fitness, I always start it with this confession: My only regular exercise is walking. My friends and colleagues always ask me how did I maintain a slim body after giving birth to two children. Well, I have another confession to make. I am naturally slim. I know it sounds over self-indulgent but that's a fact. I was born, or rather I remember growing up with slim physique.

If your million dollar question is, how did I maintain it? Let me share you my secrets. I follow these 5 simple ways to keep myself fit and fab:

Sounds like an easy thing to do but quite difficult to put in action in reality. I have been telling this to my husband for the longest time but with all the temptation he faces every single day, he finds it so hard to instill self-discipline. As for me, as soon as my thigh gap starts disappearing, I stop indulging on fatty and sugar-overloaded foods and start eating more serving of fruits and vegetables.

Whatever form of exercise you have in mind (yes, walking for at least 1000 steps a day included) try to do it regularly. It is always a good idea to burn those excess calories that does more harm than good in our body. Exercise prevents weight gain especially when you tend to give in to your cravings (chocolates, icecream, cakes, etc) and helps you maintain your ideal weight. Needless to say it is also good for your heart.

Watch this video for health and fitness inspiration:

Every individual requires different kind of food diet. It all depends on one's current health status. It is always best (and safe) to consult a dietitian or nutritionist unless you are quite sure that you are in the pink of health then go ahead indulge on a regular balance of fruits, vegetables, meat (chicken/pork/beef), fish and other seafood.

Ann Wigmore was quoted saying, "The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine OR the slowest form of poison." Quite self-explanatory. All you need to do is opt for organic foods and other healthier food options that act as "powerful form of medicine" (cliche as it may sound but prevention is always better than cure) rather than fast food and processed foods that serve as slowest form of poison in your body.

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol and and even if you are already an adult, do your best to sleep at least 6-8 hours a day. Also, eat everything in moderation. Yes, you can still go ahead and indulge with your favourite fatty and sweet foods once in a while but remember to do it in moderation. If you wish to stay fit and fab, do yourself a huge favour and treat yourself to a healthy lifestyle.


  1. These are great tips. I think discipline is really important as this is they key to your diet success.

  2. I agree, all these five pointers are necessary! I am boar skunny to but in my 20s I gained weight and expanded like a balloon. That was my turning point and never want to go back that path ever again.

  3. I guess I am not doing any of the things mentioned above. LOL! I should probably start changing my lifestyle. I do eat natural and non-organic foods whenever I can, does that count? :P Also, I guess discipline is the hardest thing to do, I just (over-)ate ice cream for the past 6 days. Got to stopppp.. But my husband bought 2 pints more! LOL!

  4. Eating is one of the biggest problem whenever we have noticed that we are quite out of shape, so ensure that we have the lifestyle that we wanted we should always be aware of things.

  5. Trulala. But 2 out of 5 lang ata ang misis ko. ha,ha,ha...

  6. The most important part is self-discipline. Everything else will fail if this is not present.