Flowery Fun Times Floral Display

My mom came to visit us for a week and brought along her friends from Manila and Alaska. On their first day in Singapore, I took leave from work to be their tour guide. I brought them at Gardens by the Bay with the kids. I asked K to accompany them at the Flower Dome to see the Flowery Fun Times Floral Display because I wanted to bring G at the Children's Playground for some water fun.

I handed K my camera so that she could take souvenir photos for them. Turned out, they had so much fun checking out the breathtaking floral display and they also asked K to take photos of the beautiful flowers. They also met a fellow Filipino retired teacher of their age who is visiting from California.

When they came out from the Flower Dome, they were all praises with what they just witnessed. It must have reminded them so much of the times when they were still teaching little children and sang with them nursery rhymes.

Mom and her friends

Giant bees

Giant dragonfly

"The old lady in her shoe" display

Beautiful flower boxes

Old McDonald's farm animals

Old McDonald's farm animals

Lupines, Delphiniums and Foxgloves

Isn't these foxgloves so pretty? 
FYI: "Flowery Fun Times" is the 3rd of 6 chapters in Gardens by the Bay's storytelling journey in 2015. The enchanting series of floral displays for the year will draw the visitors into the magical world of folklore, legends, fairy tales and nursery rhymes as told through the language of plants. Open from 9am to 9pm until the 19th of July 2015. Admission charges to Flower Dome applies. For more information, click here

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  1. K took great pictures, and what fun must it be for your mom and her friends to be toured and guided by K, teachers heart always sing joy and happiness with kid around.