G at 4 Years Old

Just like that! In the blink of an eye, my precious baby boy is turning 4 years old tomorrow. The photo above was taken when he was only a few months old. How time flies!

Let me give you an update on G:

Current favourite fruit: strawberry and orange

Comment: G is a certified strawberry monster. Eversince he got hooked on strawberries, our fridge seldom ran out of it. As for the orange, i used to de-pulp and feed him the pulp. Just recently, he discovered the joy of eating "smily oranges" - that is how he calls the oranges that i cut for him to it. :)

Current favourite person in the world: Mama

Comment: *smiling at you from ear to ear*
It can be exhausting when he only wants me to carry him but I am the happiest mom in the world knowing how my son loves me so dearly.

Diaper status: Only when sleeping and please excuse the word, poopoo-ing.

Milk consumption status: Once or twice a day, when he wakes up or in the afternoon and before he sleeps. He is now weaned from baby milk bottle! We let him use a sippy water bottle to drink his milk.

Literacy status: He can now read 1 to 4 lined children books with simple (and a few complicated) words. He can write all letters in upper case but he has a hard time doing so with lower case. He hates writing!

Favourite toys: He is still so much into cars and other vehicles that's why I choose vehicle theme for his 4th birthday celebration in school and at home. He also loves playing with wooden blocks, dominos, and marbles.

Favourite food: Anything soup-y. He still dislikes eating meat in huge pieces. He calls them rock! LOL

Favourite breakfast: Blueberry pancake and scrambled egg with cheese

Favourite snack: Breadtella (bread with nutella) - he coined the word himself.

That's it for now. Will come back and update when my memory is sharper. :D

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