G's Vehicle Themed 4th Birthday Celebration

We have always preferred celebrating birthdays either at home, with just us - Dada, Mama, K and G plus G's nanny or through short getaways and vacations with just the 4 of us like what we did in Bintan and Phuket.
For G's 4th birthday, we made an exemption just like when we celebrated K's 7th birthday at McDonalds. G's school allows kids to celebrate birthdays with their classmates so we decided to celebrate G's birthday there as it fell on a school day.

G is still so much into vehicles so I ordered a vehicle themed cupcakes for the school celebration and a cake for him to blow at home from Cherie of Petite Joy Bakes. I will blog about it in another entry.

G's birthday celebration in school was scheduled at 2pm but I got the cakes delivered at 10am so that we could celebrate at home first. The cake arrived just in time after G's bath cum playtime with daddy. Hubby and I took leave from work so that we could be with the birthday boy.

We did the candle blowing ceremony as soon as the cake was delivered but we did not cut and eat the cake yet as K was still in school. We wanted her to be there for another candle blowing and cake cutting ceremony.

After G made a wish and blew his birthday candles, we went to Holy Trinity Church to thank God for giving us our precious baby boy. It's our family's birthday tradition to visit a church. Afterwhich, we made a quick trip to Toys 'R Us to grant the boy's birthday wish. He's been asking for this Thomas the Train set but we waited for a special occasion to splurge on it. So glad we did because it was on sale yesterday!

When we went back home, I cooked the kids' favourite sweet style spaghetti whilst the hubby prepared the goodie bags, drinks, cupcakes, paper plates, forks and table napkin for the school celebration and G kept himself busy with his birthday gift.

Brought G in school at 1pm and was elated that his celebration was moved earlier because there was another child in the same class who is celebrating her birthday in advance. The kids sang G a happy birthday song in 3 languages (English, Chinese and Malay) before he made a wish and blew his 4 candles.

Class resumed after the celebration so I took the chance to prepare for the Singapore Blog Awards while G was in school. There was an ongoing SG50 promotion at The Hair Secrets in Eastpoint so I availed the 50% off hair and make up.

I came back prettified and K and G were already home from school so we had another candle blowing ceremony with K. My heart is full just seeing how happy the birthday boy was throughout his special day. I did not feel guilty leaving him to attend the Singapore Blog Awards because hubby was there to take care of him. After K and I left for the OMY SBA 2015, they went to the playground.

Thanks and praises be to God for another memorable page in the book of our family life. May God continue to bless G with healthy body and mind, more happy childhood memories and all the good things in life that money can't buy.


  1. Amen. It seems like it was only yesterday when G was still inside your tummy. I super duper love that prettified version of you. Do it often please. I just love the praying photo of the kids with G in school!!!! They are all so cute and of course G is growing sooo gorgeous! :)

  2. Belated happy birthday G, time flies, you're 4 already? And a big boy? Wow! We share the same tradition of going to the church for birthday thanksgiving, hope you had a wonderful one and keep bringing joy to your mom, dad and big sister K, also to your lola and nanny