Family Journal: Nature Date with G at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Last Saturday, I covered for a colleague who went on a holiday. Instead of sulking for having to work on a weekend, I brought G along with me and planned a nature date at the Singapore Botanic Gardens - a newly listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, since it was just across my workplace. G was so happy and he looked forward to our double-decker bus ride. Look at his delighted face!

I worked for half a day and we went straight at the gardens as soon as I closed the clinic. Our first stop was the Botany Centre where there is an ongoing exhibition called Orchids of Singapore Botanic Gardens and Their Heritage. Our eyes feasted on over 16,000 variety of orchid plants.
Orchids of Singapore Botanic Gardens and Their Heritage:
10 Jul - 10 Aug | 9am - 8pm | Botany Centre, Level 1 (Tanglin Gate)

Our next stop was the swan lake. G was so stoked to see the swan up close and even had the chance to feed it.

When the swan left our spot, G wanted us to follow so we did and when he saw the love swans being reunited he blurted out, "Look Mama, they are friends!". Haha! I love the innocence of children. Always so amusing.

After feeding fishes, turtles and swans, we got hungry so I decided to give G a treat at The Halia. They gave G a crayon and he had fun doodling at the Kid's Menu while waiting for our food to be served.

G had Mini Pork Sausages with mashed potato while i had the 62 degrees Egg on Brioche. I didn't notice the back page of the Kid's Menu, I should have ordered the pork sausages with scrambled egg as G prefers it from the mashed potato. I ended up finishing it and felt too full. Diet fail. Haha.

When we were leaving The Halia, there was an Auntie giving away red balloons with the SG50 logo. She even prayed over me and G. After thanking Auntie, we pass by this "tunnel" (it's a tunnel in G's eyes) on our way to the Band Stand.

The Band Stand is one of my favourite spot at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. I was so happy to be back again after a long time and get to share my happiness with G.

We stayed here for a while to take a refuge from the heat. We had to leave when a couple came for a shoot. The Band Stand is a very popular spot for wedding photography. There were 3 couples shooting in the area when we were there.

G spotted a swing and he asked me to bring him there. We had so much fun swinging, too bad the spot wasn't fully shaded so we couldn't stay for very long.

When I told G it's time to go home, he requested me to bring him back one more time at the Swan Lake to feed the fishes, turtles and swans. Needles to say G was overjoyed from our nature date.

Let me end this post with this quote:
"Life is not always perfect, but it is always what you make it. So make it count, make it memorable and don't let anyone steal your happiness."

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  1. Yey my memory served me right, that's the band stand you previously said to be frequented by couples, thank you for the virtual nature therapy!