Never Lose Your Valuables Again

It is no secret how forgetful I am. You can read my post How Forgetful Can I Get? and have a good laugh. LOL. I just re-read that post and I really laugh out loud about the hair clip. Oh am gee! So embarrassing!

So, let me ask myself again... How forgetful can I really get? Remember my key issues? As in literal KEY issues. Haha! I think I will never report to work without my clinic keys anymore. I finally found a solution to my forgetfulness.

Tadaaaaaa! Presenting my Beets BLU PagerTag a.k.a My Life Saver! See that black thing with red light with my bunch of keys and mushy key chain from Phuket? I just can't live without it anymore. I tend to just anyhow throw my keys anywhere when I come home from work so I often misplace it. So, how does Beets BLU PagerTag come to my rescue always?

The PagerTag is actually connected to my iPhone. I got my techie hubby to do the pairing for me. Let me share you the technical details:


When using the PagerTag for the first time you will see a pairing notification. The pairing procedure sets up an encrypted channel between  your smart phone and the PagerTag. After you have paired the PagerTag, only the appropriate smartphone will have access to it. It is impossible to pair a PagerTag with more than one smartphone.

To reset pairing on a PagerTag, you need to remove the battery and wait for at least one minute, or press the command button right after battery removal. After you reinsert the battery, the PagerTag will rest pairings and enter pairing mode. Pairing mode is indicated by the green indicator light flashing.


To use PagerTag you will need smartphone which supports Bluetooth Smart. PagerTag is designed to operate exclusively with an application named PagerTag, which you can find both for iOS and Android devices on the appropriate app store.

What are the other uses of PagerTag apart from locating your keys with its loud beeping sound when activated?

  • Track valuables: Wallets, bags, cameras, keys, etc.
  • Find valuables by sending an alarm request to the attached PagerTag using your smartphone. The PagerTag will sound an alarm.
  • Find valuables using the sonar function of the PagerTag application. The PagerTag will be used as a radio signal source to detect the current proximity to your smartphone.
  • Remotely control selected functions of your smartphone using PagerTag command button. Take a photo, start and stop music, skip to the next song, say the current time of set off an alarm on the smartphone so you can find it.
  • Use the PagerTag as location marker for selected applications. Such applications may be configured to continuously search for the selected PagerTag and perform some actions i case of its appearance r disappearance.  
What a smart little thing! Oh how I love modern technology, life is just so much easier with the invention of all kinds of cool gadgets like Beets BLU PagerTag.
Disclaimer: I received the Beets BLU PagerTag for review purposes. All opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and the technical details are from the leaflet that came with the product. I actually paid for the shipping fee because the promo code that was sent to me didn't work. You can purchase Beets BLU key finder at


  1. OMG I think I need this!! I drive hubby crazy because I always lose my things esp keys haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Scatterbrains and forgetful mamas unite! Haha

  2. They are gonna get rich with that kind of app! Count me in as one forgetful mama :)

  3. Never had the chance to read your post, but will do, and you are right does bring smile to me to know what had happen/experience you have that day. Don't worry, you are not alone, after giving birth twice my being forgetful worsen.

  4. I could use this. I tend to forget a lot of things as well and this tracker would be very helpful.

  5. Galing! Comes in handy to most moms!

  6. i really could use this Che, thankfully, my watch helps me now locate my cell phone easily ( which I easily forget too where I place it ) and with this, I guess I will use this for my small purse :) hehehe, I am just so forgetful. I already put the keys in a very small purse that I use all the time, I just transfer it to whatever bag i will be using, so I won't be wasting time anymore thinking which bag did I use to look for my wallet and key :)

  7. My son could you use this. 'Hari ng makakalimutin ' yu eh.

  8. This is so cool and so helpful. What a perfect thing to help us found our keys in no time. I myself also forgets but mostly my cell phone.