POLW Celebrates Hari Raya

My family went on an impromptu trip to Port of Lost Wonder at Sentosa Island last Sunday and the kids enjoyed the activities prepared by the first and only (unless I am outdated) Singapore's Kids Club by the Beach in celebration of Hari Raya. In case you wish to join in the celebration, here's what to expect:

ACTIVITIES                      TIME                            CURIO                                   WHERE


Bubble Party                 10:30am-12pm                    30 curios                            Curiosity Island
Sepak Takraw fun                11am                            20 curios                            Hopscotch Area
Balloon Wonder                 11:45am                         20 curios                POLW staff will go around
Creature's Cove                 12:15pm                         FREE                              In front of the deck


Bubble Party                        2-4pm                           30 curios                            Curiosity Island
Wondercraft                         2pm                              40 curios                                 Playden
Sepak Takraw fun                3pm                              20 curios                              Hopscotch Area
Pots and Planks                   4pm                              80 curios                                Mini Garden
Multi-animal Encounter       5pm                              FREE                          Palawan Amphitheatre
Balloon Wonder                   5:45pm                         20 curios                  POLW staff will go around
Boogie                                  6pm                             Just Dance!                            Boogie Stage

You may also print your Instagram photos for 30 curios each outside the playden so don't forget to hashtag your photos #polw and save curios for printing.

If your kids do not wish to participate in the above-mentioned activities, they can enjoy the following:

Build sandcastles

Build your own "whatever" - do not underestimate your kids creativity 

Make new friends

Endless water fun at The Pirate Ship water playground
We also had picnic at Hatch Patch. I actually blogged about 10 Fun Things to do at Port of Lost Wonder before. Feel free to click the link for more options.

NOTE: Programmes are subject to changes without prior notice. Hari Raya celebration ends on the 16th of July 2015, so hurry and bring your kids at POLW!

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Palawan Beach, Sentosa Island
Opening Hours: 10am to 6:30pm Daily
Contact: 1800-SENTOSA (7368672)
Website: http://www.polw.com.sg/index.aspx


  1. Looks really fun! Too bad I don't have little ones anymore, they're all grown up. =>

  2. weee.. its fun to be kids always, no responsibilities nor worries in life..all you have to do is to make so much fun and memories.... this is a great place to bring the kids surely they'll have more fun.

  3. so much fun for kids, i love the "build your own whatever", i remember having so much fun with these kind of activities when i was a kid even now as a kid at heart :)

  4. Sounds like a fun event. The build your own whatever will hone the kids' imagination.

  5. Wow! that is one beautiful park and what a perfect day to celebrate the King's day. I hope my family can visit one of the water parks here in NY too. The last time we visited was 5 years ago.

  6. Ayos! enjoy na enjoy ang mga kids. How I wish na-experience namin yan noon.

  7. That giant inflatable pool will instantly get my children's attention but I'm sure they will not pass up the chance to build anything they want.

  8. Dokieee! I feel so green with envy with all your beautiful escapades! Your kids are very blessed! These experiences can't be bought by any amount of money.

    I wish we could experience the same thing :-)