Singapore Blog Awards 2015 (Awards Ceremony)

It was a first time for Sweet Memoirs to be in the Finalist (Lifestyle Category) at the Singapore Blog Awards 2015 so I got really elated to attend the awards ceremony more for fun and experience rather than expecting to cinch the award. I knew the competition was very stiff and that the other finalists in my category were all deserving of the title, Best Lifestyle Blog.

I was too lazy (and too busy with the birthday boy, the awards night was coincidentally held on the same day as his special day) to prettify myself but I also wanted to look presentable so I got The Hair Secrets to come to my rescue. Nicole did my hair and make up at 50% off (I availed their SG50 promotion) and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Since I already have the humongous red flower as the focal point of my entire look (bought it at Lovisa, one of my go-to store for accessories), I didn't add anymore accessories like necklace or bangle apart from my wedding and engagement ring.  The awards night was held at the F Club in the heart of Clark Quay's night life and I regretted not googling it prior to the event because I actually asked my girl to escort me on that night. Instant PG (parental guidance) activated! Haha.

It was surreal looking at my photo flashing on the screen when all the Finalist for the Lifestyle Category were shown. K and I just sat in one corner and stayed put there throughout the event. We didn't even had the chance to use our complimentary tabs for non-alcoholic drinks.

On our way out, I bumped into Summer Goh of A Happy Mum, a fellow Singapore Mom Blogger (SMB) who bagged the award, Top 10 Most Popular Blog and congratulated her. As much as I wanted to approach the rest of the ladies from SMB, my hubby whatsapped me that my boy was looking for me and wanted me to come back ASAP. I quickly asked K to take this photo for posterity and we fled right away.

Upon reaching home, I had a hard time deciding whether to erase my make up right away or later when I am about to sleep. I did the latter as I only get prettified once in a blue moon so might as well get the most out of it. I asked the hubby to take some profile photos for me and the result wasn't disappointing.

He said he just needed to Photoshop the shadow and it's good to go as DP on Instagram, profile picture on FB and feature photo for my About Page. Obviously, he haven't got the time to do so but I just went ahead of utilizing the unedited photo anyway.

What do you think? Is it good enough?

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  1. haha, I love the photo Che, but yeah, I see what Mond meant too, wow, he knows how to remove the shadow? that is awesome!! haha, I have almost zero photo editing skills, except I am good in cropping and making collage. Oh, I love the picture K snapped of you with the billboard for Singapore blog awards, priceless, wish you can frame it since it is a very good reminder of being there in the awards, congratulations again!! as in super wowed here.