Singapore Cable Car's New Sentosa Line Officially Launched

Last night was another memorable and fun experience for me and my family. We attended the Official Launch of Singapore Cable Car's new Sentosa Line spearheaded by the event's Guest of Honour, Mr Iswaran - Minister (Prime Minister's Office) and Second Minister for Home Affairs and Trade & Industry.

On our way to the event, G exclaimed "Yippee, we're going on venture (he meant adventure) to cable car! I am a superhero, Mom!" whilst pretending to fly like Superman at the Harbourfront Cable Car station. I am so impressed that he still vividly remembers our last Singapore Cable Car experience, The Superheroes Day at Faber Peak more than a year ago. 

Do I need a caption for this? Haha! Since the boy was overjoyed when he learned we are going on a "cable car adventure", we opted to take a cable car ride to Sentosa Island instead of going there by monorail train. 

See? I couldn't even get them to look in the camera because the kids are so mesmerized by breathtaking views on board one of the "black jewels" which are now adorned with the Singapore flag and SG50 logo in celebration of the nation's Golden Jubilee. To be honest, when Singapore Cable Car upgraded to these black beauties in 2010, I was a little disappointed because I prefer the previous colourful cable cars. 

Photo credit: Sentosa
Imagine my delight when I laid my eyes on these colourful cable cars! (Insert happy dance emoticon here, haha!) We alighted at the Imbiah Lookout station at Sentosa and we were asked to take the new Sentosa Cable Car Line to Siloso Point Station where the event was held. 
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G was completely mesmerized with the stunning views of Siloso Beach. 

I reminded him that the white building he sees below is the Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort where we had staycation last December 2013. He totally got the wrong idea that we are heading there again for another staycation right then and there! Oh my! Hahaha!

I had to divert his attention as soon as we arrived at the venue. G is slowly becoming a pro at photo opportunities and K is such a sport. She hates being photographed but she'd lovingly do so when she is with her little brother. I am posting this photo with her full consent.

Us with Louie, the official mascot of Singapore Cable Car. Look how adorable G's smile is! I think he has forgotten about the staycation already after meeting Louie. Haha! Pardon mine and K's messy hair, it was very windy when the hubby, our personal photographer for the event, took the photo.

Singapore Cable Car Sky Network Launch [L to R]: Mr. TS Low, Deputy CEO, SDC; Mr Mike Barclay, CEO, SDC; Mr Tan Hee Wee, Executive Director, Gammon Construction Limited; Mr S Iswaran, Minister in Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister for Home Affairs and Trade & Industry; Dr Andreas Karabaczek, Ambassador, Austrian Embassy; Mr Chistoph Hinteregger,Technical Director and board member, Doppelmayr/Garaventa GroupMrs Diana Ee-Tan, Board Chairman, MFLG ; Ms Suzanne Ho, GM, MFLG. Photo by Sentosa.
After Mr S Imwaran delivered his speech, the Singapore Cable Car new Sentosa Line was officially launched. The VIPs pressed that big red button and this is what happened:
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Oh my G! (I am referring to my little G, haha!) He got scared of the loud bang towards the end which was not captured on the instavideo. Good thing it came with colourful confetti, I managed to pacify him right away.

We were treated to another cable car joyride with the new Sentosa Line after the official launch ceremonies much to my kids' delight. Isn't the view at dusk sooooo bluetiful? We went all the way to the Merlion Station but we did not alight and went back to Siloso Point instead.

This is what we went back for. We were invited to the prettiest buffet set up I have ever seen. I know my hubby's photo didn't do justice because it was difficult to capture its beauty at night.

He took the photos above earlier while we were all waiting for the arrival for the Guest of Honour, Mr S Iswaran. I wanted to show you a collage of all the beautiful and yummy food but I am pressed with time. Edit: I have to commend the hubby for taking the prettiest photos for me. He knew very well I would need it for this blog entry. #youknowyouareahusbandofabloggerwhenyoudosuchthings, LOL.

After this final family photo opp, we took another cable car ride with the new Sentosa Line, alighted at the Imbiah Lookout and boarded the black cable car to bring us back to Harbourfront Centre.

Hubby thought we are already cable car ride overdosed but G protested and said, I want a hundred more! Hahaha! As soon as we alighted at Harbourfront station, he blurted, "I love cable car!", which made us all laugh in delight. Nope, I am definitely not putting words into his mouth. He really, really love cable car rides and I think that he will never, ever get sick of it.

Thank you so much for the invitation and all the goodies, Sentosa and Mount Faber Leisure Group! We had great fun!
About Singapore Cable Car Sky Network: For over 40 years, millions have 'soared' through the skies from Mount Faber, through HarbourFront and onto Sentosa on board the Singapore Cable Car. The official launch of the new Sentosa Line, an extension of the existing Mount Faber cable car line, marks the birth of the Singapore Cable Car Sky Network, which comprises the two lines together.
The new Sentosa Line, a $78 million investment, will now allow guests to connect from Merlion Plaza to Siloso Point, on the western tip of the island, the new line is one of several infrastructural enhancements that SDC has embarked on to enhance connectivity and accessibility on the island.
There are three cable car stations servicing the new Sentosa Line - the Merlion, Imbiah Lookout and Siloso Point Stations. Guests riding on this new line can conveniently make their way between the island's many attractions and F&B offerings, while enjoying exceptional views over Sentosa's tree canopy and Siloso Beach.
"The new Sentosa Cable Car line will add great value to our guests riding on our Singapore Cable Car Sky Network. It offers a serene ride over our beautiful island, while also greatly improving access between Merlion Plaza, Imbiah Lookout and Siloso Point. We expect it will become the preferred mode of transport for our guests wishing to access the western tip of Siloso Beach, as well as the Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa Hotel, Underwater World Singapore and Fort Siloso. It is also a great compliment to our walking trails on Mount Imbiah and Siloso Point", said Mike Barclay, CEO of Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC). 
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  1. What a thrilling experience. How nice that you were able to attend the event as a family.

  2. Wow! I haven't been there yet and they have something new already! That beach view is awesome! Haven't tried any other cable cars, was it scary? :D

    1. Not really unless you have acrophobia.

  3. Singapore is listed in my bucket list of places I want to visit someday. There's something in this place that really amaze me and so many Filipinos too :) you have a pretty family by the way :)

    1. Yes, you should come and visit Singapore. We love it here! Vibrant, safe and kid-friendly. So many things to see and do with kids. Thank you for your compliment!

  4. quite fascinating kind of ride to experience, and overlooking of the place and of course a great catering after.

  5. I bet it is fun and cool to ride that cable bar if only I am not terrified with heights :-( I bet the view from the top is breath taking.

  6. pssstttt "bluetiful" indeed!!!! haha I must say "G" is already a pro model hihihihi! Love your natural beauty as always! :)

    ~congratulations in advance, Sweetmemoirs is the site to go to for anything SG-wise~