Turi Beach Resort (Day 2)

If you missed reading about how we spent our Day 1, click here.

Our day 2 at Turi Beach Resort was nothing short of fun. As evident from this photo, we were all 50 shades darker but extremely happy from all the exploration we did nonetheless.

We woke up to a subtle yet breathtaking sunrise. Perfect weather to celebrate a wonderful Father's Day! Just to refresh your memory, this trip was a Father's Day gift to my hubby. As always, we had to "kidnap" him over the weekend so that the kids and I will get his undivided attention. (His demanding and heavy workload often requires him to work even on weekends.)

We had buffet breakfast at Taming Sari Cafe, nothing worth raving about the buffet spread but the beach view we had while filling our tummies is spectacular. As usual, the boy who was already wearing his swimsuit (ever-ready G, haha) rushed us while eating so that he can start having water fun.

See? He was the earliest bird in the swimming pool! Haha!

He was later joined by the equally water loving K and the hubby (not in photo). Since it was Father's Day, I excused myself and left the kids to have great bonding time with their dad.

The day before, hubby and K told me they spotted monkeys in the forested area of the resort and they asked me to go and see it myself. I followed the trail they pointed to me but I did not spot a single monkey.

The trail is so inviting that I decided to just continue my exploration, with or without monkeys.

I am so glad i did because i found another slice of paradise!

I quickly made a U turn and fetch the kids and the hubby. "Mama found something really interesting, you have to see it for yourselves!", I exclaimed to pique the kids' interest and get them out of the pool. Haha.

As soon as we arrived at the seashore, the kids couldn't stop digging for treasures, literally and metaphorically.

We found "Nemo" and a few of his friends (tiny fishes), a sea cucumber, baby crabs, lots of interesting corals, seaweeds and more. The kids practically went wild being surrounded by nature love.

When it was time to go, G refused to leave and K was already sun-burnt. The sun block lotion I put on them didn't help much.

To cool down ourselves, we went for another round of pool time...

and spent a relaxing time at the hammock.

I wanted to do one last DIY photoshoot but we ran out of time and the spot I covet was already taken. Haha.

We tried doing our traditional photo taking in our room before checking out. We set the camera in burst mode and G was so ready to "photobomb" (he calls the continuous shooting of the camera with us posing nonstop *notice his and hubby's hands* photobombing, LOL) when the camera battery died. Imagine his disappointment.

While waiting for shuttle service to bring us to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal, hubby ordered lunch and we had it at the lobby of the resort. Shortly after, the shuttle service arrived and we boarded swiftly. I asked G to say bye bye to Turi Beach on our way out. He hesitantly did so and said in a sad, sad voice, "Mama, i will miss Turi Beach", to which all the other guests in the shuttle bus heard and was so amused with him.

Thank you for the beautiful memories, NongsaPura! We will definitely be back for more. It's been more than a month since we went there but up to this day, the kids wouldn't stop requesting us to bring them back to Turi Beach. What a well-spent Father's Day weekend! More adventures to come...


  1. Haha, G is so cute and funny, looking at the picture of him waiting and very eager to swim and the first one at the pool is very funny, glad you found a tidepool for them to explore Che, glad they had so mych fun

  2. What a beautiful resort. I would never want to leave, too if I were in that paradise.

  3. It looks so relaxing. Wish I was in that hammock.

  4. I love the serenity and natural surroundings.. such a peaceful getaway :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Oh my gosh, what a way to spend time with the whioole lovely family of yours sis. Your photos makes me miss my hometown, seing the seashore, lol.

  6. A nice place to visit when you're in that area... It looks like your family had so much fun and you are right I missed the part one of this blog.

  7. Looks like such a nice resort! I remember my parents went there for a getaway without me when I was very young! Well, Turi Beach at least!

  8. Thank you for sharing this on Travel Tuesday! Looks like a great getaway you had there!

  9. I enjoy looking at all your beautiful photos. I love adventure it makes me feel free and relax. I bet it is freaking hot in there.

  10. You all look so happy! It was so nice to hear that you had a restful and meaningful family bonding moments in this lovely place to celebrate Father's Day.

  11. Nice scenery and the pool is so inviting.