What to Drink at Summer Parties if You're Trying to Lose Weight

Sticking to a diet can be a challenge in itself at the best of times, but when you are hit with an invitation to a really fun sounding summer party, it can dial the need for willpower up to 11! One of the things many of us look forward to at a party is a chance to have a drink with our friends. It can help you relax, help conversation flow, and general help you enjoy the evening. However, most alcoholic beverages are also veritable buckets of empty calories.

Drinking Without Ruining Your Diet

So, should you abstain from drinking alcohol altogether and stick to sparkling mineral water or whatever (usually limited) choice of zero calorie soft drinks are available? Well, not if you don't want to. If you are aware of the lowest fat and calorie alcohol options, and you include every drink in your calorie count for the day, then you can still have alcohol without breaking your diet. Of course, do avoid getting drunk – this is likely to lower your inhibitions and make it more likely you will overeat or go over your calorie limit. Also, only do this on limited occasions – it is fine from time to time but most of the time you want all of the calories you are counting to be of good nutritional value.

The Best Alcohol Choices
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In general, the best things to drink are spirits with calorie free mixers. If there is a cocktail bar at the party or event, for example a mobile bar by liquidchefs.co.uk, you should have no trouble at all, and may even be able to request low calorie versions of drinks (for example Long Island Iced Tea made with Diet Coke instead of regular Coke). If the party is more casual and there are no official bartenders, you can make sure your needs are catered to by simply making your own drinks. You may want to bring some diet mixers along with you if this is your preference however, as not everybody thinks to buy diet versions of things like Cola and tonic water when they are stocking up for a party.
If cocktails are not for you, perhaps because you don't like spirits, then the next best thing to drink is wine. White wine can also be mixed with carbonated water to make a spritzer, which you can have as a refreshing long drink with ice. This can be a good idea to stop you drinking too fast, help you stay hydrated, and also keep calories down!

Have Fun!

Of course, if your favourite drink on a hot summer day is beer or cider, then you can drink this too – the most important thing is to actually enjoy yourself. These drinks are high in calories, but as long as you count the calories you do have, you can have them without having a 'bad diet day'.

Sticking to a weight loss plan even when you get invited out is not so difficult, you just need to plan ahead and make sure you know the calories in the drinks you are having!

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