Family Journal: 13 Things I Love About My Daughter

"Why thirteen?", you may ask.

Because I am now officially a mom of a TEENager (I know what are you gonna say *insert skull emoticon here*).

Don't get it wrong, there are countless things I love about my precious daughter but I love symbolism (Read: 12 Cupcakes for K's 12th Birthday) so thirteen it is.

A Birthday Tribute: 13 Things I love About My Teenager (in random order)

1) Her sweet demeanor
K is the sweetest daughter I could ever ask and wish for. I am blessed to be her mother.

2) Her bubbly personality
K loves to laugh. Her hearty laugh is contagious, it never fails to fill our home with so much happiness.

3) Her caring heart
K always look after her little brother's well being. I remember vividly how she made sure his brother won't get awaken by the roaring airshow display when were at The Padang to watch the National Day Parade 2015. When she sees my palms are not covering G's ears, she'd remind me put it back and she'd kiss her sleeping brother's cheeks.

4) Her love for books
K once asked me how she became a bookworm and I told her she probably got it from me. Read her response to what I said on this post -> Why I am a Bookworn No More. It's hilarious!

5) Her sportiness
 Admittedly, K is sportier than I am. She loves sports and she has stronger bones and muscles than I do. She inspires me to keep fit.

6) Her fashion sense
Nowadays, I let K dress up herself. When we go for shopping together, I let her choose what she wants and as long as it is age appropriate and within my budget, I'd buy it for her. I am loving her choices so far.

7) Her love for adventures
I must have rubbed my love for travel with K. She enjoys traveling as much as I do.  I can't wait to explore many more new places with her. Oh, the places she'll go!

8) Her love for nature
Again, my love for nature has been rubbed to K. I now have my own Dora the Explorer who is not scared to get wet and dirty to explore the gifts of nature.

9) Her forgiving heart
I can be a monster mom at times but K always readilly forgives without me seeking for her forgiveness. I do apologize to her when I know I am in the wrong.

10) Her love for music
If there is one thing K can't live without, it's music. She even listens to music while studying. She loves to sing and she composes her own songs.

11) Her interest in cooking and baking
All thanks to Junior MasterChef, K developed an interest in cooking and baking. She can now prepare and cook yummy food for us.

12) Her love for food
You know the quote, "People who loves to eat are the best people"? K is the best daughter I could ever ask and wish for.

13) Her company
I love hanging out with K. I love our foodie and shopping dates and I love it when she accompanies me to blog related events.

Above all, I love how K is growing to be a very responsible teen. I love you, my precious first born! You will always be my baby. Stay as sweet, bubbly, sporty, caring and loving as you are.


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  1. awww what a lovely tribute!! no matter how old they get though, they will always be our precious baby girls :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Aww! This is too cute and sweet. Good job for letting her express herself thus making her an awesome individual. Keep it up!

  3. matter what and how old she gets she'll still be your baby girl...

  4. Ah.. so sweet naman ng tribute. Just wondering, why 13? On the bright note, you are so blessed to have a daughter who has a forgiving heart.

  5. Looks like you have a sweet princess! Lucky mommy!

  6. love those candid shots and K is such a natural beauty! :) when I look at her photos I remember a dear cousin of mine who looks a bit like her ...ammm errr and me :)

    P.S. having a hard time installing whatsapp on my new phone, will buzz you when it's done :)