Homemade Strawberry Jam Recipe

Side story: You may skip this and jump to the recipe when you are pressed with time.

I am no domestic goddess but almost every weekend, I cook and prepare foods lovingly for my kids and my fellow epicurean husband. 

Last Sunday, we spent a lazy day at home. My gas fired oven arrived the day before and I wanted to give it a try by grilling some vegetables, pork belly and salmon for dinner. 

I instructed the hubby to bring G along to the mall (he wanted to buy some stationary supply for his home office) so that I could cook in peace. 

As usual, G protested and declared he only wants Mama! He was throwing a tantrum so I didn't force him anymore to go with his dad. 

When his dad left...

"Mama, I want to make strawberry jam with you", he pleaded with puppy eyes. 

G is such a darling. Just that he throws tantrum every now and then, perfectly normal for a toddler.

And so we made some strawberry jam. How could I afford to say no? 

Have I told you before G is a certified strawberry monster?

I think I did.

Obviously, strawberry is one of the regular fruits we stock up at home. Yes, thank goodness we almost never run out of it otherwise I would have to run to the supermarket last minute.

The recipe:

Here's how G and I made fresh strawberry jam:

  • 1 pint fresh strawberries, cut into small pieces
  • lemon juice
  • sugar
  • dissolve sugar in a heated saucepan under slow fire
  • add lemon juice and wait for the sugar to dissolve
  • add the freshly cut strawberries and continue to cook for few minutes
  • set aside to cool and serve with toasted bread
I let G cut the strawberries with a blunt bread knife. He watches I Can Cook on Cbeebies and wants to get involve whenever I cook or prepare food. I have a Junior Masterchef in the making!

After we cooked, I took photos for posterity. G was so happy and even commented my set up was pretty.

When I was done shooting, I let him spread the jam on the bread. Guess what he did next? Totally unexpected!

He delivered the strawberry jam sandwich to K who was studying in her room and said, "Happy Birthday, Ate (big sis)!" 

K celebrated her 13th birthday the day before. So sweet of G, 'no? I was deeply touched by his gesture that I went the extra mile to light a birthday candle, stuck it on the bread and we sang the happy birthday song to K. 

Afterwhich, both of them made a wish and blew the candle.

G also ate strawberry jam sandwich and declared it is yummy. 

A tantrum turned into one beautiful story. Life is really what you make it.


  1. We're used to making mango jam at home, but we're huge strawberry lovers! Thanks for the recipe, I'll try it out.

  2. I have never tried making my own strawberry jam, however, i was aiming to make one this year, however this was the bad season for picking our own strawberry so we ended up of not going.

  3. Wow! I never knew it was that easy to make a strawberry jam. The simplest yet tastiest recipes I've ever come across! :D I'll do this soon! :D

  4. I am not into jam but my son and duaghter is.. Perfect sa kanila ito. Pang media (me-diabetes)

  5. I love this recipe! It has big chunks of strawberries!