Looking for a Big Holiday? Canada is One of the Biggest!

If you are looking for a big holiday this year, then you can’t get much bigger than Canada. It is the second largest country in the world, yet thinks of itself as one of the friendliest. This big, gentle giant has plenty to offer the adventurer as well as the family vacationer. You can’t beat Canada for its year-round appeal either.

Many people start their tour of Canada at the majestic Niagara Falls. The sights and sounds here are enough to silence even the most chatty of kids. There are three waterfalls in total. They straddle the border between New York State and Ontario Province, separating the USA from Canada. It is one of those places that features on most people's bucket list.

The Niagara Falls is a popular honeymoon destination too. This popular resort welcomed its first honeymooners back in 1801. It is thought 50,000 couples a year come here for their first taste of married life. There are plenty of things to do here too. You can explore the gorge, take a boat trip, or even endure the white water rafting opportunities.

Yukon is one of the most beautiful areas to travel to in Canada. For a winter holiday, Yukon offers stunning landscapes and plenty of adventure. Frozen Yukon offers the perfect opportunity to skimobile your way from place to place. You can view the amazing Aurora lights. You can book a log cabin vacation from somewhere like www.artisantravel.co.uk to make the most of a ski plane adventure.

The Canadian Rockies are another popular area to venture. The opportunities here for the keen photographer are plentiful too. The landscape is like no other anywhere on Earth. The mountain range can be seen from numerous vantage points. The keen adventurer, however, would prefer taking their photos from the mountains rather than of the mountains! There are plenty of different treks you can follow.

For the family in Canada, Toronto is one of the best cities to visit. The zoo offers a fabulous day out for all the family. Toronto is a great place for events and culture too. Most weeks of the year have something exciting going on in the city. For amusement parks head to Centreville or Wonderland for lots of family fun. There are places to eat and plenty of rides to enjoy. Toronto is also great for shopping and a good night out.

For the Jazz lover, Montreal has it all. This city is very popular with music fans no matter what their genre of preference. This French-speaking city is beautiful and full of wonderful eateries and places to meet. For incredible character and great architecture, you can’t beat a wander through the streets of Montreal. There is always something cultural to enjoy, and the entertainment here is amazing.

Canada is such a wonderful place to visit for anyone with a wide range of interests. Whether you are travelling alone, or you are with your whole family, you won’t run out of things to do. Canada is a great holiday venue all year round, so make the most of this big country.


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