4 Fashion Essentials for Winter

It won’t be long until the wind turns cold, snow begins to fall and everyone will be bundled up to keep themselves warm when the venture outside. These are just a few of the must-have fashions for the upcoming winter season that will not only keep you warm, but will also keep you looking stylish as you brave the elements.

Fur Capes and Jackets

Despite the fact that the world seems to have become focused on vegan and vegetarian meals, fur is making a comeback in the fashion world. Runways for fall fashions are full of vibrant furs, from neutral shearlings to vibrant-colored minks. Choose from a classic jacket or the perfect shrug, like those found at https://www.mlfurs.com/fur/capes, whether you are heading out for a night on the town or a day of shopping downtown. Today’s fur goes with every style of clothing. 

Puffer Coats

The puffer coats of today are not the bulky versions you remember from the 1980s. They are stylish, in bold colors and have unique add-ons to make that winter jacket yours. Perfect for the snowy and rainy days that blanket the country during the winter months, these soft, puffy coats provide the warmth you need with the moisture protection you want.

Chunky Knits

If you have missed those big, bulky sweaters you remember from college, have no fear. The bulky, chunky knit sweater is back for 2016. Today’s look has an oversized, thick sweater paired with a slimmer pant or skirt on the bottom to provide a symmetrical look. Not only will you be fashionable, but you will be warm even on the coldest of days.

Long-line Blazers

The short, hip-length blazers that have been popular for several years a fading and today’s trend is for blazers that are longer and leaner. These blazers pair well with a professional looking skirt for the office or a pair of nice chinos for a night out with the girls. Bold, bright colors are also in style for these blazers, so you are not limited to basic black or brown.

These are just a few of the fashion trends for 2015 that will keep you warm and stylish at the same time. Don’t sacrifice one for the other but choose a look that is functional as well as attractive.

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