Family Journal: Our Fabulous Golden Jubilee Weekend

Hellooooo! Pardon us for being MIA (missing in action) for the past 4 days. We were busy celebrating Singapore's 50th Birthday! How about you? Hope you had fun as much as we did. :)

Here's a sneak peek of what we were busy about.

We were supposed to just stay at home and have beauty rest but the kids requested us to bring them to Singapore Zoo. How can we say no? Their wish is our command! Haha! Despite the rain, we enjoyed our time re-exploring the River Safari and the Zoo. We availed the 50% discounted 2 in 1 tickets (Singapore Zoo + River Safari) SG50 promotion for local residents. We went home dead tired but extremely happy.

Because we were dead tired from all the walking we did on Friday, we spent a lazy Saturday at home. K and G played board games and all sort of other games whilst hubby and I spent quality time with them. We also got the chance to tidy up. I re-arranged the furniture in the master room while hubby got rid of the unwanted documents and other stuff from his home office.

We checked in at Fullerton Hotel to celebrate Singapore's 50th Birthday and also to celebrate in advance K and hubby's birthday. We had a blast, I can't wait to tell you more about our fabulous staycation!

We also witnessed the National Day Parade 2015 show at The Padang and celebrated SG50,  Singapore's Golden Jubilee with the whole nation. The show was spectacular and the atmosphere was electric. So stoked to be part of the momentous and historical event. We acquired tickets through online balloting system. I also cannot wait to blog about it. Just be patient with me as I juggle work, family and my "bloggy" life.

After a sumptuous breakfast buffet at The Town Restaurant at Fullerton Hotel, we spent the rest of the morning at the hotel's swimming pool with the gorgeous views of the city and Singapore River. Can you spot my not-so-little mermaid K and G having a splashing great time with his dad in the photo above? After capturing it, of course I had to join them for endless water fun!

There you have it, a quick sneak peek of how we spent our Golden Jubilee weekend. If you live in Singapore, I hope you had a great time too celebrating SG50.



  1. Wow! What a busy and fabulous weekend you had there. You look great in the red jumper!

  2. It is so fun to watch your activity on that said day, its as if I've also been in the place to see the excitement and fun

  3. Looks like you had so much fun! I don't think I can go to a waterpark or whatever kind of park this year because I just gave birth. Anyway, where did you get those animal hats? They look so warm and comfy. Also, I miss that snakes and ladders game! :D Awesome that you still have it, is it still available at the malls?

  4. oh, such lovely and cute picture of the 4 of you Che, you're all so adorable in red, and I enjoyed looking at your happy pictures, happy birthday to K and M and Singapore is celebrating with them too :)

  5. I really love Singapore! There are really a lot of activities to do while staying in a fabulous hotel.

    The pictures really show that you and your loved ones enjoy your day -;)

  6. Ang tangkad na ng daughter nyo sis. You have great looking kidsm ganda ng combination! What a great celebration.

  7. parang hindi naging hectic ang weekend sched nyo sis. So nice that you've been part of Singapore 50 celebration. An event to treasure yan sis.

  8. Looks like you guys had a great time! I'd love to go to Singapore someday!