Our Momentous SG50 Staycation at Fullerton Hotel

The Fullerton Hotel is one of Singapore's well-distinguished hotel building due to its location, rich history, heritage, and classic Palladian architecture. Whenever we visit the Merlion Park to tour around visitors (mostly family and friends from the Philippines or based in other countries like Australia and Alaska), we make sure that we take a photo memoir with the hotel as our background. If I am asked to describe the hotel in one word, it is MAJESTIC.

We have been to The Fullerton Hotel's premises countless times to admire its grandiose beauty and stunning architecture but never in our wildest dreams that we will be checking in to the hotel one sweet day. When hubby acquired tickets to National Day Parade (NDP) 2015 through online balloting, he asked me to look for hotels around the venue which is The Padang and take the opportunity to have another staycation.

I searched frantically online but all hotels in the area were already fully booked during the Golden Jubilee weekend. "Never mind, let's just let the crowd disperse after the parade and we'll slowly make our way home", I tried to convince the hubby. The reason why he wanted me to book a staycation on the SG50 weekend is because he was afraid we will get stuck after the parade and G will suffer.

Good thing I followed The Fullerton Hotel's Instagram account sometime ago and when the admin posted about their SG50 Staycation promotion, I left a comment to say I wanted to book but it was already fully booked. Shortly after, I received an email that there's a courtyard room available so I booked it instantaneously.

A fellow mommy blogger commented I was so fortunate to be able to book a room on "hot dates" (9-10 August). She lamented that her friends have been trying to book too but failed. I can relate on everyone's eagerness to book their SG50 promotion. If there's a hotel perfect for celebrating Singapore's 50th Birthday, it's none other than The Fullerton Hotel.

To celebrate Singapore's 50th Birthday, we all dressed in red and white ensemble. We were greeted by the Fullerton bears at the hotel's grand entrance with the SG50 floral logo. A family photo opp is in order before proceeding to the reception for check in.

We left home at around 10am because the kids were too excited. It took us a while to get a taxi and reached the hotel around 11am but there's already a long queue in the check in counter. When we reached the tail end of the queue, we were told by the smartly-dressed and fully made up lady receptionist that the hotel was fully booked hence we could only check in at 2pm.

Shortly after, another receptionist came and whispered something to the lady attending to us. "Great news Ma'am, there's a courtyard room available now. You can proceed to check in", she said with a wide smile on her face. Needless to say we were overjoyed. We were already planning to leave our luggage and take the kids for a swim while waiting for our room keys, but hooray for early check ins!

As usual, K and G raced happily on the hallway to find our hotel room. I was relishing their joyful moment as I am not too sure until when K will stay as enthusiastic as G in doing such childish antic. Upon entering the room, we were greeted by this personalized warm welcome on the TV screen.

On the bed, we found a complimentary Fullerton bear with SG50 flag and a welcome note from Mr. Giovanni, the hotel's General Manager. Here's what's written on the note:

We hope that you are enjoying your stay at The Fullerton Hotel and thank you for celebrating Singapore's momentous 50th National Day with us this evening.

To commemorate this very special occasion, we would like to present you our signature Fullerton Plush Bear as a gift from our hotel. It is holding a pair of SG50 flags representing our wishes for an even brighter future for Singapore.

Wishing you a most memorable evening.

The Fullerton bear is indeed holding on to a pair of SG50 flags but G already took the other one before I took the photo.

Before our SG50 shirts get too crumpled, I hung them right away. G was his usual self, busy opening every door he sees inside the room and discover for himself what surprises await him. Hubby and I took turns in playing hide and seek with him inside the wardrobe and the restroom.

Yes, the restroom! Haha! G discovered it has two doors (one facing the wardrobe and another one beside the bed) hence it's perfect for hide and seek.

Our vacations/staycations are getting very predictable. First activity is always swimming. Nothing get the kids far too excited and happy than having a good splashing time.

After an hour of water fun, we went back to our hotel room to take a quick rest and prepare ourselves for the NDP show. I made sure we have everything we need, most importantly the tickets of course.

Around 3:30pm, we made our way to the NDP 2015 venue. G refused to leave the hotel room but I convinced him by telling him that we are going to a "playground" to celebrate Singapore's 50th Birthday. The mere mention of the words playground and birthday made him very excited although he didn't look so pleased at the photo due to the humid weather.

We reached the NDP checkpoint area without sweating much as the venue is quite near to the hotel. Our bags went through the xray and when we were cleared by the security, we were handed the SG50 funpacks filled with nostalgic SG50 goodies, caps, bread, water and other NDP paraphernalia.

We were welcomed with a sea of red and white at The Padang. The crowd's energy is palpable. G braved the heat using his red Cotton On sunnies and SG50 cap from the NDP funpack.

When the show started, G stood up and waved his Singapore flag. We all sang along with the crowd when the NDP songs were played. Everything seems surreal. Being there to celebrate Singapore's momentous 50th National Day with G made me even more grateful to Singapore.

Way back in 2009, it was just me, the hubby and K. Among the four of us, G is the only one who was born and bred in Singapore. All our dreams turned into reality because Singapore welcomed us as permanent residents with wide open arms in 2008. We have nothing but gratitude and respect to this country we are privileged to call home.

Before the show went live on TV, G fell asleep and slept through all the way towards the end of the show. I think he got tired from swimming earlier and the humidity knocked him out regardless of all the effort I did to cool him down.

Nevertheless, we all had a grand time celebrating the historical event. The atmosphere is electrifying. Everyone is in high spirits. Everyone cheered non-stop all throughout the show which is by far the most spectacular NDP show we witnessed to date.

Going back to the hotel after the show was a breeze. We were cheerfully greeted by many volunteers, "Good Night! Hope you all had fun at the show. Take care!" numerous times. It made us feel even happier to be right then and there.

After dinner, we made our way to One Fullerton to avail our complimentary access and complimentary drinks at the rooftop. There's an underground "tunnel" that links The Fullerton Hotel and One Fullerton building.

We were able to catch The Fullerton Hotel SG50 Light Show at One Fullerton rooftop but almost everyone has already left when we arrived, including the waiters that served complimentary drinks.

We lingered for a while before going back to the hotel and retiring to bed to inhale some fresh air and take in all the beauty of the equally majestic Marina Bay Sands.

We had a pleasant night with the Fullerton bears.

The next morning, we had a buffet breakfast at the Town Restaurant. I chose a spot by the Singapore river. You are most welcome to drool over my Instagram post here.

After a sumptuous breakfast, we had another round of splashing good time with the kids.

G's bathtub moment after pooltime.

I wanted to go for the Heritage Trail after checking out at 12nn but the hubby was feeling under the weather so we headed home right away. That's G ending our staycation on a happy note playing in his favourite door. He wanted to go round and round and round, I had to make him stop as I was getting dizzy from following him to make sure he stay safe.

Till our next staycation! Read all our staycation posts here.
About The Fullerton Hotel Singapore:
Transformed from a magnificent 1928 neo-classical landmark that was once home to the General Post Office, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore with its inspiring legacy and monumental Palladian architecture emanates a timeless grandeur while offering contemporary luxury and Asian hospitality to business and leisure travelers. Each of the 400 rooms and suites has been exquisitely designed by world-renowned architects Hirsch Bedner & Associates and furnished to provide guests the ultimate in opulence.
Address: 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178
Contact: +65 6733 8388
Website: www.fullertonhotel.com


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