Sugar Rush at Sophisca SG Blogger Party

On the first day of this month, I was invited to join the SOPHiSCA Blogger Party at Ion Orchard. Pardon my messy hair and signature eyebags. I was running late to the event because I brought along G with me last minute, I couldn't bear to leave him at home. I decided to meet the hubby who went to work in the morning before the event so that he could take G to the playground at Paragon while waiting for me.

Bloggers were welcomed with the sweetest and prettiest Candy Buffet set up. I knew I am going to have sugar overload and since it's weekend, I indulged.

We were also treated to free flow of Moscato Rosa. Yes, I am living what I love!!! Let's toss to that. Cheers! *clink*

FYI: SOPHiSCA, with their catchy tagline "A Sweet Place for Sweethearts" is a confectionery store from Taiwan known for its unique and creative DIY product packaging. On the collage above are my favourites: Smile, Bento, Piano, Bride and Groom, "Say it with Chocolates" boxes, Chewmmy bottles, OK bandaid, mahjong,and Chinese medicine.

With persistence on no boundadries, limitations in rich taste and style, SOPHiSCA has created all kinds of fun, interesting and creative products such as handmade candies, lollipops, chocolates, fruits, nuts. etc. They have their own very exclusive research & development team and manufacturing plant in Taiwan. Their products are great for gifts and wedding favours.

Guess what? I won a bag-full of sweet treats by being the first one to raise a hand when the party host asked what is Sophisca's tagline. Thank you so much for the invitation, Sophisca SG! Happy 3rd Anniversary! I had great fun and er, sugar overload!

A Sweet Place for Sweethearts
*ION Orchard #B4-01
*Changi Airport Terminal 3
Public Area #B2-19


  1. Hmmmm sweetness overload indeed :) I must say you look younger each passing year :) pretty pretty you :)

  2. So very happy for you Che, what a very sweet treat, those sweets and all the invites.