Family Journal: National Day Parade 2009 & 2015

My girl is entering the teen-hood officially this coming Saturday and I can't help but take a walk down the memory lane. I am starting this series, Then and Now to document how much my kids have grown. I am fully aware that it will make me feel old but heck, I can throw my pride in the dustbin and look back with fondness in my kids' childhood years right? Right!

Here the first one:

The photo on the left was taken in 2009, the first time we acquired National Day Parade (NDP) tickets through online balloting system. We were celebrating our first year as Singapore Permanent Residents then. K was only 7 years old. Look at those chubby cheeks, pig tails and innocent smile!

The photo on the right was taken in the recently concluded NDP 2015, when we celebrated Singapore's Golden Jubilee with the whole nation at The Padang. This year marks our 10th year anniversary in Singapore and like a valuable gift from heaven, we acquired tickets through online balloting system for the second time.

Photos were exactly taken 6 years apart. Look how K have grown and how our family have grown too! It reminds us how blessed we are and I have nothing but deep gratitude in my heart to the one above.

I humbly hope and pray that in a few years time, we'll be able to witness NDP again and look back how much K and G have grown.

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