Coping With Losing A Loved One

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is perhaps the biggest hardship that we can suffer in life. If the loss was unexpected, it can often be agonising for those left behind. We can struggle with the question of whether or not they are truly gone. We are often hit by how empty our life feels without them. But there are ways of making dealing with death more manageable. I am in no way saying it will be easy, but these steps can help you cope.

Letter Burning  

A long time ago I tried this method of grief to deal with the loss of a loved one. I remember reading about it online and believing it would help. I encourage you to write a letter to the person that you have lost. In this letter, you should include everything you felt for them and your deepest emotions. You should tell them anything you never got to say while they were alive or never took the chance to. If you like, you can try putting your words in the form of a sonnet or a poem. Then, once you are finished read the letter once. Do not read it repeatedly, just once and then set fire to it. Watch the letter burn away in embers as the smoke rises into the sky. While this occurs, let your grief be free and cry for your lost love. Once the letter is gone, you may find your pain is lessened, and you are able to let go.

Rely On Family And Friends

I have never believed anyone is truly gone. Even if you don’t believe in the afterlife or anything beyond death, a person who is lost, lives on in the memories or those they left behind. They will always exist in the hearts and soul of those who loved them. You must remember it was not just you that they left behind. They had other friends and other family. It is always a good idea to speak to those people and lean on them for emotional support. They are going through the same process as you, attempting to deal with their grief and accepting their loss. It is easier to deal with it when you know that you are never alone.

Remember Them Forever

Many people hold on to a part of the one that they have lost. This might just be their memories or the ashes of their loves. Some people have these scattered in their loved ones chosen place or left in their home. That way, they can look at them and remember the one they lost. But, you can also have diamonds made from ashes of the person you loved. That way, they will be as beautiful in death as they were in life. You would look at that beautiful wonder and remember the person who helped create it.

Do Something For Them

We all have goals in life, but some of us do not get to complete them all before they pass on. If you want to leave a memory of your loved one on this world, complete a goal for them. This could be travelling to a place that they never visited or finishing writing a novel they had stuffed under papers in a draw. By doing this you are not just living for them, you are living through them.

Dealing with a loss is always difficult. But by remembering who they were and how they were loved, you will find acceptance.

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