Family Journal: A Day Well Spent

We had no plans to go anywhere today due to haze but when I peeped from the blinds this morning, there was a sign of cleaner air. Since we were not eligible to participate (we are only PR, not citizen yet) in the Singapore General Election 2015, we decided to bring the kids outdoors to take advantage of the holiday. 

Just the mention of beach made K and G so giddy. 

"Don't forget my bucket and spade, mom!", G reminded. 

K on the other hand, being her true teenager self hurriedly invaded my closet to see what she can borrow from my limited fashionable stack of clothes. I was glad she found one flowery top that surprisingly fits her nicely. 

Oh, well...

G spent the whole afternoon building sandcastles and picking seashells. We also attempted to rent him a bicycle with training wheels but due to high demand, the rental shop ran out of the kiddie ride.

K wanted to swim but the water is not conducive for swimming so we rented a bicycle for her instead and she spent two hours cycling happily around the beach park.

Before heading home, we made a quick stop at Chockfull of Beans to try their much-raved 3D iced latte. I have always wanted the hubby to bring me there for a couple date but since we were already in the area, I had to drag the whole family there. Instant couple date with 3rd and 4th wheeler! LOL

We took a taxi ride going to the beach park but decided to take the double decker bus home. As usual, we took our favourite front spot at the upper deck and G loved it.

After alighting the bus, we walked home and reminisce our fond memories in the neighbourhood. Up to this day, hubs and K still find it too hilarious as they recount how I fell from a bike in the area a couple of years ago. We noticed that the neighbourhood playground was newly revamped so we stayed for a while to let G play.

K requested me to take her OOTD while waiting for G. FYI: We don't live in this neighbourhood (we are only passers by) but we frequent it because it is where my old landlady (she is like my mother when I first arrived in Singapore in 2005) moved to after she sold their previous flat where hubs and I rented a room during our first 2 years in Singapore.

We reached home in time for dinner and our favourite Korean drama. Oh what a well spent day, Thank God it's Friday and what a bonus that it was a holiday. I just had to document it to remind us that:

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