How to Care for Your Skin After a Facial Peel

If you have opted to have a facial peel at a reputable dermatological treatment centre like, there are steps that you need to take after the procedure in order to help your skin heal properly, prevent as much redness and irritation as possible, and really achieve the youthful, smooth, and flawless appearance that you were after.
Continue reading for a few helpful tips on how you should care for your skin after you have had a facial peel.

Buff Away Dry, Shedding Skin

After you have a facial peel, you will experience a shedding stage during which your skin will peel off in order to reveal the youthful, smoother skin below. But how do you deal with the shedding while it is happening?
Start by buffing away the dead skin while your face is dry. Using a dry washcloth is the best tool, as using a cleanser with exfoliation beads or an at-home exfoliation device would be too harsh at this time. Remember, you want to help your skin heal, not irritate it further.

Wear a Moisturiser with SPF

In addition to limiting your time outside exposed to the sun's harsh rays, you also want to apply a moisturiser that will contain a high enough level of SPF to protect your skin during those times that you do have to head out the door. This will protect immature, vulnerable skin cells from damaging UV rays.

Apply Healing Products

Natural products that are designed to heal and soothe the skin on your face include azulene, chamomile, and sea whip extract. Stick with these products in order to make your skin feel less painful until it is completely healed.
You can also apply moisturising products that contain antioxidants that will help combat the free radical production, which is quite high after a facial peel because the skin is traumatised.

Don't Overdo It with Moisturiser

Even though you should apply products that will help your skin heal, you should avoid over-moisturising, especially while your skin is peeling. Because the peeling is a normal part of the process, hydrating it will prevent the positive effects of the peel. So stick with a regular moisturiser while allowing the skin to do what it naturally needs to do after a facial peel.'

Avoid Picking at Your Skin

As your face sheds, you may be tempted to pick off any of the flaky, dry skin that is produced, but this is not a good idea. Instead, let the skin come off when it is ready to do so. Prematurely peeling it away could result in more redness, and it also increases the risk of scarring.

Getting a facial peel can provide you with some amazing results, but you do need to take care of your skin after you receive this type of treatment, which is quite harsh on the delicate skin of your face. Ensuring you provide your skin with the right help to heal, you will enjoy a youthful look before you know it.

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