How To Make Your Savings Stretch For Your Wedding

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you may already be considering the ‘M’ word. But getting married isn’t cheap. And living as a couple will require a completely different lifestyle. Some things may work out cheaper when you are buying for two, but other expenses in your life will double. Of course, the first thing you need to worry about financially is your wedding.

Proposing to your other half is the first thing you need to list in your budget. A diamond ring like one of the Verragio engagement rings is a beautiful way to propose. If you have been carefully saving up for a while, then this is the best way to cover the cost of the ring. Now you need to work out the rest of the wedding details so you can prepare a budget.

The venue where you will marry and have your reception will be the biggest cost. A formal sit-down meal will cost more than a buffet. Most caterers charge on a cost-per-head basis. Until you have finalized your guest list, you won’t know the final cost. By budgeting for a set number, you may have to disappoint some prospective guests.

Wedding dresses can also be quite expensive. Many brides tend to have their heart set on a particular dress they have seen. If you are determined to put an upper limit on spend here, there may be some disappointment. Of course, hiring the wedding dress and other wedding attire can save you a fortune.

By now, your list of expenses for getting married will be getting quite long. The wedding car, cake, and photographer are all large expenses. But you can save here by asking friends and family to pitch in. Weddings can be done on a budget, but you need to determine where you are happy to make the sacrifices.

The average wedding can cost around thirty thousand dollars. Many couples have a beautiful day on much less. Once you have identified some of the key costs of your wedding, you can start to make a more detailed budget. For some people, spending a lot for just one day is unthinkable. For others, it is about celebrating the most important day of their lives. They want to go all-out.

Are your savings not quite in the realm of what it costs to pay for the wedding you dream of? Then it may be time to come up with a plan B. There are several options. You can delay the wedding while you save up some more money. Often parents and even employers like to contribute to the cost of the wedding. You may be able to borrow money, but for just one day, this could be inappropriate.

Weddings can be expensive, but plenty of people have married on a budget. It’s best to talk in depth with each other about your expectations and dreams for the big day. There will be many more expenses to worry about in your future, such as your first home together. Save what you can, but make sure you still enjoy your beautiful day.

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