Mid-Autumn Festival at Gardens by the Bay

Thank God for a haze-free day, we finally had a family day out at Gardens by the Bay last Saturday. As evident from the photo above, G wasn't as thrilled as the rest of us to check out the Celebrations of Chrysanthemums Floral Display at Flower Dome. When I mentioned to him that we are going to the gardens beforehand, he thought I am going to bring him there again for some water fun at the Children's Playground. He started throwing a tantrum the moment he realized we were not really going there.

Evidence number 1: Angry face + crossed arms because he refused to have his photo taken.

Evidence number 2: Face palm. Haha. Kids will always be kids. Will not let a cranky toddler stopped me from smiling. LOL

How can I not smile when I am surrounded by a plethora of lovely and colourful flowers plus the fact that the cooled conservatory literally offered a breath of fresh air with all the mixture of sweet floral scents? The haze from the past days surely made me appreciate a cleaner and cooler Singapore atmosphere, even it lasted only for a day.

I have never seen so many varieties of chrysanthemum before. I was particularly fascinated by the Spider Chrysanthemums which were brought to Singapore for the very first time. They have long tube-like florets which either coil or hook at the ends. You can see a close-up shot of this variety on my Instagram account @sweetmemoirs. Such an exquisite beauty.

Chrysanthemum blooms take centre stage as Flower Dome brings you on a journey to the Far East. Long admired for its beauty, the Chrysanthemum is a symbolic feature in traditional Chinese art to depict autumn. 
Outside the Flower Dome, you'll spot 50 life-sized goat lanterns on display in celebration of SG50 and Year of the Goat. The goat lanterns were made by more than 200 residents who participated in a lantern painting competition.

Apart from the goats, there were other lanterns like trees, flowers, animals, and dinosaurs to see around Gardens by the Bay. All these intricate and elaborate lanterns that both children and adults will surely admire were handmade by a master craftsman from China.

There is also a Food Street with 30 food stalls at the SuperTree Grove so you'll never have to worry about getting hungry during exploration. Just for you to have a rough idea on what to eat, we had takoyaki, soft shell crab, mango salad, icrecream and cold drinks there after catching the Cultural Show.  Cultural Performances from now till 4th October 2015 @ 7pm, 8pm and 9pm are also held at the SuperTree Groove.

From now till 4th October 2015, 5am to 9pm daily, every child who brings along a lantern (with battery operated lights only) will enjoy free admissions to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. A free trail map (while stock lasts) is also given with every conservatories ticket purchased.
Senior Citizens (aged 60 and above) can enter the two cooled conservatories for FREE from now till 31 Dec 2015. Accompanying adults will get to enjoy 50% off tickets too.
Lookout for the fireworks display on the 3rd of October as Gardens by the Bay celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival 2015

For complete information, visit this page.


  1. That garden looks really beautiful and I love how all the flowers are arranged. Very nice to look at. The lanterns are awesome as well! I bet the kids enjoyed that the most!

  2. Wow! The flowers looks so beautiful. What a beautiful sight at night too.

  3. ahh...I feel you boys doesn't like those flowers to look at, i have a 5 years old who would rather be running around than watching those magnificent flowers.

  4. wow the flowers are really lovely...nice for photoshoot :)

  5. Love your outfit sis and I also love the family picture in the middle of the circle cthingy hehehe.

  6. Awwww K is so tall already!!! and LOL on G throwing a tantrum hahahaha my boys always cover their faces when I take photos and they say I'd understand if I were a boy haha...soooo many lovely flowers indeed but the prettiest is you :D

  7. What a lovely celebration! The place came alive with the gorgeous chrysanthemums and colorful lanterns. And oh, yes, the Food Street!