My Five French Highlights

France truly is the most romantic country on the planet. I was lucky enough to spend three weeks exploring the beautiful towns, cities, and countryside. It was certainly an adventure, and I never spent longer than four days in one place. In one sense, I wish I had longer to drink in the beauty of each and every destination. On the other hand, I’m so pleased I got to visit every corner of the country. Each region has its own character and personality. Each has its own wonderful cuisine, and there’s always something new to see. It wasn’t easy, but I’ve narrowed down my five french best-bits.

1. Paris - It might be the obvious choice, but Paris is every bit as stunning as it is in the films. It’s one of those cities that exceeds your expectations, and you completely and utterly fall in love. The Eiffel Tower is a beautiful structure that demands attention! The quaint French streets are divine, and the food is exquisite! The cobbled streets of Montmartre are the perfect place to spend an afternoon. I wandered between coffee shops and marvelled at the street art by the Sacre Coeur. I’m already counting the days until I can go back!

2. Champagne - I certainly fell in love with Paris, but it was refreshing to leave the city and escape to the countryside. France is world-famous for its wine, but the Champagne region is the most famous of all! The rolling hills and expansive vineyards reach out as far as the eye can see! There is also a collection of luxury homes dotting the landscape. I was lucky enough to stay in one for the duration of my Champagne trip. But of course, the best part was the wine tasting! Simply heavenly!

3. The Riviera - Nothing quite prepares you for the luxurious sights as you approach the French Riviera. The tall yachts stretch out across the Mediterranean, bobbing up and down. The streets are lined with indulgent restaurants and Champagne bars. At night, the casinos come alive with high-rollers and well-dressed professionals! I did have a flutter at the casinos, but alas, came home empty handed. Not to worry, I still loved every second of the high-life, and I’d love to explore more of the coastline one day.

4. The Loire Valley - Back in wine country, it was time to dive into France’s deep history and cultural heritage. Here in the Loire Valley, I spent my time wandering around beautiful chateaus and stunning mansions. I was traveling alone, and it was the perfect place to find some quiet solitude. The remnants of Renaissance France is clear to see, and it was lovely to escape the cities again.

5. Lyon - France is littered with quaint towns with cobbled streets. My favourite of them all was Lyon. Perhaps because of the food on offer. Lyon is often considered the home of traditional French cuisine. I couldn’t come here and not experience the Michelin-starred restaurants that created French dining. Let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed!

My French journey came to an end far too quickly. But, don’t worry, I’m already planning my next trip!

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