10 Things to Do When You Feel Blue

Do I ever experience down time? And by down time, I am referring to the times when I feel so low and depressed.

Definitely yes! Most of the time, I blame the periodic occurrence on hormones (read: PMS) but nowadays I feel down because of some work-related issues.

Is it a sign that I have to move on to the next journey? Perhaps a new job? Hmmmmn...

There are just too many factors to consider and I can't decide right now as I am still in the midst of entertaining my roller coaster ride emotions.

I shall wait until all my disappointments get pacified and follow these tips in the meantime!

1) Breath in and breath out
2) Read an inspiring book
3) Do something new and exhilarating
4) Do some volunteer work
5) Go for a workout (swimming, jogging, etc)
6) Communicate with your family and love ones
7) Watch a comedy show/movie
8) Keep yourself busy and get things done
9) Munch on healthy treats or indulge on sinful treats if you must albeit in moderation
10) Pray

Bonus tip: Pen down your emotions, pour your heart out and cheer up!

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