4 Interesting Ways to Pop the Question

So you’ve decided to ask that special someone to be your life’s partner and want the most exciting way to pop the question. Over the years we’ve seen the Goodyear Blimp ride over Superbowl with a banner asking the question, full page ads in local newspapers and even getting up on stage at your favorite rock concert.
Those are fun and yes, adventurous, but not something most women would appreciate as much as an idyllic setting in some remote location – just the two of you creating a memory to last a lifetime. Well, you can still be adventurous while adding that extra bit of romanticism. Here are some interesting ways to pop the question you might like to consider.

1) Butter Her up for the Kill (Not What You're Thinking!)

Okay, so this sounds like the stereotypical way to propose but with an interesting twist it could be the surprise of her life! It would take some coordination with the chef, but it can be done. Why not make reservations for your favorite restaurant, pre-order champagne and dinner and have the ring hidden in one of the dishes? Of course you may not want to use the actual ring, but when she goes to dip lobster in the cruvinet filled with drawn butter and spots a foreign object, you can only imagine her delight when discovering what it is. What a way to butter her up for the kill!

2) Plan a Vacation in Paradise

In today’s society many couples live together before actually tying the knot. Sometimes it’s a matter of economics while other times it’s a ‘try before you buy’ sort of experience. In any event, couples often plan vacations together so why not mention a little known resort area in Mexico, for example, that you’d like to try this year. The little known pristine white beaches in Huatulco on the Pacific coast would provide just the setting. You can see just how perfect this lovely resort area would be if you take a look at My Huatulco Vacation resorts you can find on this website.

3) Spend an Afternoon at Miniature 

Here is one idea that can be a bit of fun. Book a miniature golf course for a private afternoon together. You can bring friends along but they will need to be in on the plan. Have the ring (or a cheap substitute!) placed in the last hole but you need to make sure she is the only one who makes that shot. If not, someone could always ask her to retrieve the ball. What fun it will be when she reaches in at the end of the miniature golf course and finds a little ring box along with the ball!

4) A Walk in the Park

Some couples like a stroll in the park on warm afternoons. Get there the day before or early the same morning and tie ribbons around trees leading to some obscure path ‘off the beaten path.’ If she doesn’t notice the first ribbon, call her attention to it and mention that they must mean something. Suggest you follow them. At some point, leave a small gift or note expressing your desire to marry her. It will be totally unexpected if you can play your part well hiking through the park without giving it away that you were aware of the ribbons. It may be a challenge, but you can do it!

There are a million and one other ways to pop the question that are interesting and totally unique. Make this something for her memoirs and make it totally your own. Get creative but do give her a memory she will always cherish. After all, that’s what marriage is all about – love and memories.

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