4 Simple Ways to Capture Your Honeymoon Memories


A honeymoon is a great time to reflect upon your wedding day. After months of stressful wedding planning, it's the perfect way to unwind. The honeymoon can be the holiday-of-a-lifetime. And now, whether it’s a secluded beach or bustling city, it’s finally here.

Photographs are a reminder of your special day. Yulia photography and other professional wedding photographers capture your day in perpetuity. A honeymoon is just as iconic a moment in your life that you'll want to remember. However, in the absence of a professional photographer, how do you store those honeymoon memories forever?

Write a Travel Journal

A travel journal is a great way to record your trip every step of the way. A journal captures how you felt about a place. Or an experience. What the weather was like. How happy it made you. Write about specific places you visit. Describe the scenery. Atmosphere. The mood of a place. A photograph captures the visuals of a location. But it doesn't capture the essence of it. A travel journal does.

You don't need to be budding writer to compile a journal. A few words or sentences are all that are required. You can be as detailed as you like. It's a personal account of your honeymoon. So it's your choice how much you want to say about it. Both parties should contribute to the journal. After all, you will feel and respond differently to the places you visit. Add dates in your journal so you can revisit it as a road trip once you return home.

Send Postcards to Yourself

With the advent of modern technology, the idea of postcards may seem a bit antiquated. However, sending postcards to yourself is a quirky way to capture honeymoon memories. Postcards are especially effective if you are traveling from place to place. Pick one up each time you see them and write yourself a little message. Wish you were here? Well, you are! Send them to your home address throughout the holiday. When you return, you'll be greeted by a record of your travels. Put them in a scrapbook or frame to remind yourself of the lovely places you visited. And don't forget to buy stamps!

Buy Souvenirs

Most holidaymakers buy a memento as a reminder of their trip. Souvenirs can be large or small. Practical or fun. Reflective of the destination's culture. Choose something that will last a long time rather than a gift to consume. Agree on a budget and set this aside for your souvenir. When selecting your gift, consider the size and weight. Can it fit comfortably in your suitcase? If not, make arrangements for it to be shipped home. Avoid anything too fragile that may get damaged in transit.

Collect Documentation

Documentation is a scrapbooker's favorite way to make memories. Visits to museums. Galleries. Tourist attractions. Coffees in a local coffee house. Fuel receipts. Flyers and leaflets. A paper trail is a unique way to remember your honeymoon. The iconic attractions you are unlikely to forget. But that sandwich you grabbed at the airport or that magazine you bought for the beach. These minutiae are integral to your holiday yet are the details we often forget.

By employing some of these ideas, memories of your holiday-of-a-lifetime will last a lifetime.

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