5 Experiences That Should Be On Every Bucket List

Creating a bucket list is not easy. You cannot just say that you want to go here and you want to go there because it needs serious planning. A bucket list should be your entire life’s travelling dream written down on paper. For the people reading this who are thinking about making their list, here are a couple of ideas to get the creative juices flowing. The following five experiences are some of the most popular and pop up on bucket lists all the time.

The Pyramids

Egypt has an allure and a certain aura that other countries just cannot replicate. It is all to do with the history of the country. Once one of the greatest kingdoms of the world, Egyptians were at the forefront of innovation and modernization. To this day, remnants of the once great kingdom still exist in the form of pyramids. The greatest design of their kind, they are a breathtaking example of how civilized the country was and how ahead of its time it was in many respects. Although there are other pyramids, none can claim to come close to the ones just outside of Cairo.

Rodeo Show

A rodeo show was not what you were thinking would come next, was it? To be honest, that is one of the main draws of a rodeo show. Again, rodeos are steeped in history, which makes them a wonderful sight. But, they are also great fun and surreal. Being American, everything is bigger and bolder than you would imagine. From the cowboys to the bulls and the audience, the show is gigantic, so much so that there is a National Finals Rodeo in Vegas every year. For the unique NFR experience, make sure you book your tickets early!

See The Great Barrier Reef

The world that we know, above the water, is a sight to behold. As it happens, the world underneath the waves is also just as beautiful. In some regards, it is even more beautiful, especially when you visit The Great Barrier Reef. The animals, the vegetation and the reef itself are all living organisms that are a kaleidoscope of different colors. There is no light show anywhere else that can compete with vivid hues of The Barrier Reef.

The Aurora

Okay, maybe there is one light show that can compete – the Aurora. Otherwise known as the Northern Lights, the Aurora takes place in a 2500 km radius around the magnetic North Pole. Electrically charged particles in the atmosphere collide with air particles. These mix with oxygen and nitrogen to cause the light show. Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden are among the best places to catch a glimpse, as are Iceland and Greenland.

Bungee Jump

No bucket list is complete without a bit of drama. And, what better way to experience drama than jumping off a bridge hundreds of feet in the air? The adrenaline rush is beyond anything you will have known before, and it is almost impossible to replicate in everyday life. In fact, some people chase the feeling and get hooked!

The above is by no means an exhaustive list. There are plenty of other options for you to explore and to add to your list. What are you waiting for?!

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