7 Secrets to A Successful Wedding Proposal

Popping the question isn’t always as easy as getting down on one knee. It all depends on what you are like as a couple and your vision for the future. However, here we have some points that could apply to almost anybody. Take a look and see what you think:

Don’t Let Her Find Out

I think it’s always best if the proposal is a nice surprise. This means you need to be really careful about what you say and when you say it. If you start asking about her jewellery or schedule just a few days before you plan to propose, she might click on. You don’t want her to suspect anything at all is going on. Really try to pick a time where you can catch her off guard!

Don’t Go Public

However, you shouldn’t go public when making your proposal unless you’re 100% sure of 2 things. The first thing that she will say yes because she wants to and not because she feels pressured. The second thing that she won’t mind or feel embarrassed. It doesn’t always turn out like it does on the big screen, so bear that in mind before you do something elaborate like this.

Try to Personalise It

Personalise the proposal as well as you can. She’ll be able to relay the details back to her loved ones with perfect precision this way and she’ll think every moment was special. If she loves riding her bike, take her on a romantic bike ride. If she loves it when you push her on the swings, surprise her when she gets off. I’m thinking from the top of my head here, but you get the idea. Include things you know she loves so it will be special to her!

Take Care of the Ring

The engagement should be well looked after while you decide what to do. There are so many horror stories of grooms to be getting careless and throwing the ring away or leaving it somewhere she will find it. Guard it with your life! After all, it could change your life!

Get Down on One Knee

This isn’t essential; only you know what your other half likes. She might not be the type of lady who likes this. She might have dreamed about it all her life. Consider it carefully! If you get this right, she’ll be searching for wedding gowns before you know it.

Try to Keep Eye Contact

Show her you mean it and that you’re sure you’re doing the right thing by keeping eye contact with her. It might be difficult if you’re nervous, but this shows you are confident and you’ll instill confidence in her.

Practice the Proposal

If you’re nervous, why not practice the proposal when you’re on your own. It’ll help you determine the perfect wording and make yourself sound more confident.

With these tips, you’ll be able to pop the question in the most magical way. Lots of luck to you - I hope she says yes!

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