Crab House at Pier 39 | San Francisco, California

If someone will ask me what are my favorite foods, one of my answers will be seafoods...specifically CRABS!!!

One of the best crabs I've ever tried is at the Crab House. I had the chance to have a meal there on my first visit to San Francisco in 2012.  The restaurant is located at Pier 39.

Here are what we ordered:
Appetizers : Calamari
Super tender squid coated in a savory, perfectly fried batter. What makes this a little more special is that they have included a few slices of pickled habanero peppers, coated in the same batter for added zest.

Appetizers: Crab Cakes
They are made with chunks of real dungenese crab meat! Fried and topped with their house tartar sauce. Yummy!

Pasta: Clams with Garlic Sauce
Garlic lovers will not go wrong with this dish.  The clams were tender and the sauce was full of flavor. 

Entree: Dungenese Whole Crab rosted in garlic sauce
The star of the meal! :) They call this their "Killer Crab".  The crab was fresh and the meat were juicy. 

I love every dish that we ordered.  
If you happen to visit Pier 39, Crab House is worth a try!

Bon Appetit!

 Restaurant Address: 203 C Pier 39 San Francisco CA 94133
About the author: Marjorie is a regular contributor of Sweet Memoirs. She's inspired to read other's blogs and at the same time enjoys sharing her travel and food adventures. She likes spending quality time with her family and embracing every seasons of life. 

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  1. psssstttt O would be thrilled to eat there! :D dropping by here for some "bloginspiration"..haven't been in the mood to write lately for reasons I know you know...anyway great post by Marjorie here! :) You just gave me an idea "wink" :)