Dr. Benjamin Yim Celebrates 15 Years in Aesthetic Practice

Shape up to a Beautiful You: Our Brand. Our Story is the second installment of Dr. Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetics and Laser Centre's 15th Anniversary celebration. 

Dr. Benjamin Yim is a highly experienced and a key pioneer in the aesthetics industry. He is an Honorary Secretary of the Society of Aesthetic Medicine, Singapore and a popular speaker at many aesthetic conferences around Asia.

I am a non-beauty blogger so don't be surprised if I say I have never been to any beauty related event before. All thanks to Dr. Benjamin Yim and Gotideas for asking me to be a part of their celebration held at the Hard Rock Cafe.

We had coffee and pastries as we intently listened to the experts talk about beauty, image and styling, and skincare and make up. I learned about minimally invasive aesthetic treatments available to get a youthful and a beautiful V-shaped face that lasts. If I am given the opportunity to do anything to my face, I will certainly choose non-invasive treatments.

"The V-shape face has always represented youth and beauty in facial aesthetics", said Dr. Benjamin Yim, Founder and Aesthetic Director of Dr. Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetics and Laser Centre

Apart from the renowned non-invasive injectables such as Botox® and Fillers®, Dr. Benjamin Yim also talked about The Silhouette Soft® Thread Lift treatment and skin tightening device like Thermage®.

"By itself, The Silhouette Soft® Thread Lift works as a complimentary treatment that supports the face to create the V-shape. And when used with Botox® and Fillers®, results will be optimal", explained Dr.Yim. "Their effects are natural and the best part is these treatments allow for continuity for all social events with only minimal disruptions", he added.

Thermage® on the other hand is a skin tightening device that reaches deep into the dermis and subcutaneous tissues, helps shape up a V-shape face by redefining contours along the jaw line and under the chin, with just one treatment and without downtime.

To be honest, I have never been so concerned about my facial features not until I was enlightened by Dr. Benjamin Yim's thorough explanations about those non-invasive treatments available in the aesthetic industry nowadays. He presented before and post treatment photos of actual patients and I was greatly amazed by the transformations. 

Another highlight of the event for me was listening to Ms Debra Chong talk about image and styling. Debra is the Co-founder and Designer of Formasian Label. What resounded to me was her strong message to all women to embrace their imperfection and celebrate their uniqueness. 

I also had fun watching the live demonstration by Ms Priscilla using Jane Iredale The Skincare Make Up products. I always have this notion that make up is bad for the skin and I was relieved to know that there are cosmetics like Jane Iredale brand that uses natural ingredients that are good for the skin.

Thank you so much for the invitation Dr. Benjamin Yim and Gotideas. All the best on Dr. Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetics and Laser Centre's 15th Anniversary! Here's to many more years of helping us women maintain a beautiful face. I find the event very insightful and I was thrilled to have met new friends who are beauty junkies and I went home with many prizes too!

These beauty products came in very handy during these lingering hazy days in Singapore.  
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