Family Photoshoot at Nirwana Beach Resort

I couldn't contain my excitement so I just had to share this with you all. In fact, I was too excited that I already shared two of the photos in my Facebook and got raves about it.

Before I let you rave too about the photos, here's a brief story behind the unplanned photoshoot...

We just came back from our anniversary island getaway cum birthday retreat at Nirwana Beach Resort located within the huge premises of Nirwana Gardens in Bintan Island. Upon checking in last Wednesday, hubby learned that we will be getting one free family photo and a frame courtesy of the resort.

We will go and get our photo taken by the resort photographer before or after we check out, hubby suggested. I thought we will just take one shot and we're done. It turned out to be a 30-minute photoshoot within the beach resort. I totally did not plan our outfits and all! What a pitty, I thought until I saw the end result. Here they are for your viewing pleasure!

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  1. That's lovely! What a great way to showcase the beauty of the resort. I am longing for a family getaway these days. :-)