Family Journal: A Simple and Funfilled Children's Day Celebration

G's school celebrated Children's Day a day in advance with Jungle Party as their theme. I bought him the frog costume from as recommended by my fellow mummy blogger, Liang May.
Hubby and I took leave to witness G's first Children's Day party as a preschooler. Brought him to school at 9am and we were asked to come back at 10am to watch their performance. 

We sneaked in a quick coffee date at McDonald's while waiting for G's party to start. That pretty cake is McD's version of rainbow cake. Not bad compared to other rainbow cakes I've tried before.

The school's Jungle Party was a huge success. The last to perform were the teachers headed by their school principal, Mrs Ong. They even danced and sung towards the end of the play where the teachers dressed and acted as animals while Mrs Ong played as Tarzan. All the children couldn't stop laughing from all their funny antics. Hats off for making our kids so happy!

On the other hand, K was dismissed early from school. She was home by lunchtime, about the same time G was dismissed from school too. Technically, K is no longer a child (insert crying emoticon here) but based on this photo, the mom in me couldn't accept that fact just yet. Behind the scene: She changed into a more mature-looking outfit but I asked her to wear this ensemble instead which made her look more like a child than a young adult.

Surprised the kids with a visit to Asia's Favourite Playground a.k.a The State of FUN, Sentosa Island. Here they were taking we-fie while waiting for our lunch to be served.

After lunch, we made our way to Sentosa Luge, K's ultimate favourite ride in the island. It's G's first time riding the luge with me (because I am STILL his favourite, he chose me over his dad. LOL) and we had a blast racing with daddy and ate (big sis/jie jie).

If I had a choice, I'd rather have the luge back and forth than take the Skyride back to the Luge starting point. Nevertheless, my brave K and G enjoyed it. The ever observant G even pointed to me the Luge riders he spotted below. Oh my heart, I thought it's gonna fall! Hahaha.

K went for another round of Luge and Skyride then we went to Palawan Beach for some quick water fun. G had so much fun building sandcastles with daddy

while K and I had fun goofing around. We even caught the beautiful sunset!

It was a simple yet very meaningful and happy Children's Day celebration. Creating beautiful memories with our children is of utmost important and we are so glad that we took time off to celebrate their special day. Thanks and praises be to God for this wonderful and memorable day!

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