Relaxing Retreat at Lawiswis Kawayan Garden Resort

Holiday with the family would usually mean a trip to the nearest park or mall, but it could also be a wonderful getaway to a simple and charming resort located not too far in Manila.

Lawiswis Kawayan Garden Resort & Spa
402 Brgy. Bugion, Calumpit, Bulcan
Call +632 425 9715 or Email:

Lawiswis Kawayan translates to "the sound of swaying bamboos" in Filipino, which isn't surprising as the theme of this getaway aims to recreate a nature feel on summer afternoons - simple, relaxing and homey. Without much fuss, the resort offers its guests a laid-back experience with its amenities and services.

The pool is strategically placed amidst the greenery. Cabanas, lounge chairs and daybeds are readily available for the use of guests who just want to lay down and relax by the poolside. They also offer spa services including massage and scrubs.

There are rooms available for those going alone, with their partner or with the whole family. The staff are friendly, accommodating and welcoming.

Lawiswis Kawayan Resort proves that it doesn't take fancy and over-the-top amenities to provide an intimate heaven; and that it is possible to have this relaxing retreat even near the country's busiest cities.

For reservation, inquiries and other information, you may visit Lawiswis Kawayan's official webpage
and Facebook Page.

About the author: Rouella is a regular contributor of Sweet Memoirs based in the Philippines. She aims to live a life of faith, learning, inspiration and gratitude. A nurse by profession, she juggles her time between work, school, advocacy, arts and recreational activities. She shares her wonderful finds on her lifestyle blog.

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