The Current State of My Soul

As a person/an individual/a child of God

My soul is currently craving for more intimate moments with the creator, hence the frequency of my "fasting" from social media. I sincerely hope that I will be able to maintain this current state as I am loving the quiet and more meaningful time I spend feeding my soul.

It's my birthday month and I can't help but look back in my life's twists and turns. I feel a deep sense of gratitude that God turned all my tears into unsaid prayers, and He answered all of those unsaid prayers ever so thoughtfully and lovingly in His own perfect time.

As a wife to a busy man

I am feeling grateful for marrying the most responsible man I wished for. I am a spoiled rotten wife so I am currently paving ways to make the husband feel more appreciated for being a great family man that he is. I may not say it always but I feel truly blessed for having a partner who is quite the opposite of me. We may disagree on a lot of things but at the end of the day, we always realize that we both couldn't live without each other.

As a mother of a teenager

I am currently overwhelmed by the changes in my teen's behaviour and it made me pause and think of ways to empathise with her and correct her mistakes in a loving manner. Admittedly, I see so much of myself in her when I was her age and it scares me so bad. I am just glad that I have a ladyboss who constantly remind me that teenagers will always be teenagers. Quoting her, "Parents need to pray more for them as they may not listen to all the warnings and advises we provide them everyday."

As a mother of a toddler

I am currently overwhelmed by my toddler's frequent (and worst) tantrums that I begin to question myself if I am raising my child right. My only consolation is that G never fails to make me feel love by constantly proclaiming I am his most favourite person on earth.

Also, I hate the haze as I am stuck at home instead of enjoying a nice time outdoors with the kids.

As a friend

A recent incident made me question myself what kind of friend am I? I can blame it on hormones for being way too emotional but to be honest... sometimes, there are things in life that really hurt no matter how you try to ignore it. Please don't bother to ask, it's just the emo-mode in me talking. This too shall pass.

Still grateful that I have that one precious friend who is even busier than me but never fails to lend me an ear and be my mood lifter. Truly a heaven sent soul sister, she is. I cannot imagine life without her. Truly, sometimes chatting with her is all the therapy I need.

As an employee

So many things are happening at work lately that I began feeling overwhelmed by my responsibilities. I currently have no one to share my burden permanently so I am praying that when things get busy every single day, I will have an assistant to share my workload with.

As a blogger

It may not appear so but I am currently on a blogging break. I can't remember the last time I came up with a quality personal post. As a blogger, my current state is idle. I have tons of pending reviews to do and writing assignments to fulfil. I hope this post eventually break the writer's block spell I am currently in.

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