5 Features to Look for in Travel-Friendly Smartphones

At least 97 percent of passengers carry a smartphone, tablet or laptop when they fly, according to a survey by SITA. Another 76 percent use airline apps, with over half saying it improves their travel experience. SITA’s survey even shows that 77 percent of those surveyed would be comfortable using wearable tech while traveling.
The question of whether or not technology revolutionizes travel isn’t really up for debate. But what types of features make for travel-friendly smartphones can make or break your trip. Here’s what to look for before investing in your next smartphone:
4K Video
Capture all of your video needs or play a movie on the plane with the best video quality on the market. The rise of 4K televisions is still slow to enter the mainstream marketplace, but many smartphones are already featuring the new technology. From 4K video to 4K screens, smartphones offer a more dazzling and impressive recording and playback feature than your television. A 4K-enhanced smartphone, like Samsung's Galaxy S6, also features a 120-degree wide angle lens that enables you to capture more depth and clarity in your pictures. You may not need 4K to just point-and-click away at a few selfies, but why go on an epic adventure like an African Safari or Machu Picchu and not take the best videos possible?
Long Screenshot
Taking a quick screenshot of a text, map or images can help you share information quickly. A long screenshot captures all of the information you want, and some phones also allow you to annotate or create a slideshow from your screenshots. Simplify the process by choosing a phone with a large screen and a stylus, like the Galaxy Note 4, because it makes it easy to jot down notes on your screenshot.

Long Battery Life

Untether yourself from your phone cord on your next vacation or business trip. A smartphone with long battery life is essential for taking photos and videos and keeping in touch without worrying about trying to conserve your last scrap of battery come morning. The Huawei Ascend Mate 2 has a battery life of 14 hours and 45 minutes, making it one of the longest lasting on the market. There’s plenty of time to take all of the travel photos you want, look up maps and restaurant info and call friends and family back home.
Fast Speed
Fast speed is a requirement for travel planning and quick thinking on the go. Whether you want to look up restaurants or directions, take some great photos or download a movie in as little as 10 seconds, you need a phone that works lightning fast. There’s even talk of 5G coming our way that will make 4G look sluggish in comparison. But for now we’ll have to watch our high-resolution videos with high-speed connections and amazing quality.
Smart Lock
Protecting your phone while on vacation is crucial to keeping your personal property and sensitive information safe. But it can also be a pain to constantly unlock your phone when you want to capture video moments on the fly. Android smartphones with the 5.0 Lollipop update enable you to set a parameter for where your phone can stay unlocked. Pick a mile or two from your hotel or your location at a specific attraction to use your phone with ease. And if your phone is stolen and ventures outside your safety zone, you'll get notifications and be able to track down your device.

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