6 Fantastic Ways to Reduce Stress and Enjoy Your Kids to the Max Again

As parents we are expected to be the sunshine in the otherwise dull moments in the days of our children’s lives; but sometimes this can be incredibly draining. This is something that most parents will understand, but if these occasions are often or last for a considerable time, perhaps you should look at the underlying cause and how to overcome it. If you feel you are becoming too stressed out by the little things (and ones) in your life, read on to see how you may be able to start to relax again.


A lack of sleep can contribute to many surprising illnesses and ailments, but one that is not surprising is stress. If you are not getting enough sleep, you will find that you are less able to cope with situations that arise, and that things can snowball. Unfortunately, stress will also lead to a lack of sleep so this can be a vicious circle; so learn some techniques to help you get a good night’s sleep, and reduce the stress.

Eat Away at the Stress

Eating the right foods is the perfect way to stabilize your weight, and to give your body the correct nourishment it needs; but it needn’t stop there. Some foods will actually help you feel better about yourself and reduce stress. Chocolate will release endorphins, walnuts and salmon will release serotonin, mushrooms contain selenium, and coffee acts on your dopamine levels. All of these foods will make you feel better and, though they will not remove the cause of the stress, they will help you through the day.

Adrenal Balance

Adrenal fatigue is thought to be caused by your adrenal glands not producing enough hormones to fight the stresses that affect your body and mind. Without the correct hormonal response you cannot achieve homeostasis, and therefore you will be unable to cope with a physically or mentally demanding situation. Supplements like doctor wilsons adrenal rebuilder are available to help you redress the balance necessary, but, as with all supplements, check with your doctor first.

Treat Yourself

Sometimes you become stressed out and tired simply because you feel that you are constantly bending over backwards to give others what they want. Take the time to treat yourself as a reward for all your efforts. It could be as simple as eating a bar of chocolate, or it may be going for a relaxing day at a spa. Whatever treat you decide upon, make sure you enjoy it to the full and remove all the distractions of your daily life.


Exercise is a great way to prepare your body and mind for trials and tribulations that the day can throw at you, and (according to the Mayoclinic.org) virtually any exercise will help. Exercise will release endorphins to help you feel good, will help you forget about any trouble you had through the day, and will help you relax and sleep. Everybody should exercise, but for those feeling stress it has an added benefit.

Take Turns

Make sure that you and your partner take turns to be the sunshine giver in your relationship. Both of you will want to reap the reward of the good times you spend with your children, so ensure that the workload is spread to keep them entertained and happy too.

Stress not only affects you, it affects everybody you encounter, so try some of these ideas to help you. However, if none of these help,seek professional advice.

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