Design Ideas For A Beautifully Relaxing Bedroom

After a hectic day, often all we want to do is relax. However, sometimes the decor of our bedrooms makes this impossible, leaving us feeling stressed. There’s nothing nicer than slipping into a comfortable, cozy bed at the end of a long day, relaxing and drifting off to sleep.
Sadly, however, if your bedroom’s decor isn’t relaxation-friendly, this will rarely be the case. Many of us fail to realize it, but the colors and styles of our bedrooms can have a massive impact on how easy it is for us to unwind. That’s why, getting your room’s decor right is so important.
To help you create a beautifully relaxing bedroom, here are a few clever design ideas:
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Keep the colors cool
One of the main factors that affect how relaxing your bedroom feels is the color scheme that’s in place. Bright shades and vibrant prints will give the room an energetic vibe, making it incredibly difficult to relax and fall asleep.
Switch bright, bold tones and prints for a neutral or muted color scheme, and you'll find it much easier to relax. For a neutral scheme, white, gray, beige and cream are all ideal colors to incorporate. For a theme with a little color, use muted pastel tones like candyfloss pink, powder blue, and mint green.
Install a dimmer switch
When it comes to relaxation, the lighting in your bedroom is one of the most important factors. If your overhead light is too bright, it will make relaxing almost impossible. To be able to unwind, our minds need a much gentler source of light, nothing that’s too harsh.
The best way to achieve a relaxing vibe is with a soft glow of lighting; the best way to get this is by installing a dimmer switch. If this isn’t possible - maybe you’re a renter, dot table lamps around the room and use them instead.
Focus on your bed
The focal point of any bedroom should always be the bed. Start off by looking at your bed frame, if it doesn’t fit with the style of the room, get rid of it and invest in a new design. For a relaxing vibe, look for a simple frame with a few areas of detail.
As well as choosing the perfect frame, when it comes to creating a relaxing room, the mattress that you choose is also crucial. To be able to unwind, having the most comfortable bed to sleep in is incredibly important. If your mattress isn’t as comfortable as it could be, now is the perfect time to replace it. For a new mattress, check out these John Ryan by Design latex mattresses and have a browse for the perfect one.
If a new mattress is out of your price range, consider investing in a mattress topper instead. These can work wonders when it comes to improving the comfort of your bed - the memory foam designs are fantastic.
Make your bed look and feel luxurious
As well as improving the look and feel of the bed itself, the next step is to focus on your bedding and accessories. A relaxing bedroom isn’t just about having a comfortable bed; it’s about creating somewhere that you want to spend your time.
Invest in beautiful bed linen for your bed that matches the color scheme of the room. To add extra style, top the bed with throw cushions in various prints and sizes. While mixing and matching can work well, to avoid clashing, make sure to stick to a simple color scheme.
Making your bedroom feel as relaxing as possible can be tricky, especially when you are unsure of how to go about it. However, if you follow these ideas, you can create the most beautifully relaxing space.

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