My Thoughts on Blogging and Being a Work Slave

For the first time in forever, I am sitting comfortably in front of my blogging desk at home. Tapping away whilst sipping a hot chocolate in my favourite mug feels so surreal. Oh how I have forgotten the joy of writing/blogging during my own leisure time!

Two main reasons why I can't blog as frequent as I'd love to anymore:

1) G seldom sleeps early. 

I only got lucky tonight as my terrible toddler 2x2 fell asleep on my lap while daddy's leading our night prayer. He'd usually stay chatty all the way till midnight even with the lights off.

We have this thing called bedtime playtime and these are the things we usually do before and after saying our prayer and turning off the lights.
  • read a book
  • tell stories (without a book as reference)
  • alphabet game (like what words start with letter A-Z?) 
  • play which one doesn't belong to? (ie. kitchen, bedroom, living room, zoo, farm, sea, etc.)
  • come up with rhyming words 
  • come up with opposite words 
  • play I spy with my little eye
  • *insert endless ideas G come up with*
Last example: He would ask me to sing 100 songs and I happily obliged but after singing all the rhymes I could remember I'd complain I can't sing anymore because my throat is getting dry. Drink water and sing more okay mama? He'd beg. Such a clever boy!

G's got many things up his sleeve just so he could delay his sleeping time so I ganged up with the husband who always most of the time sleeps way ahead of us to "shush" him in an angry voice and I'd pretend I am scared of daddy so I'd dare not make noise anymore. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. Toddlers aren't as gullible as babies, y'know?

2) I am currently a work slave

So many things have changed at work lately. New but unstable paperless system (supposedly an upgrade but due to many technical problems that we encounter almost everyday, it's more of a downgrade to me), additional associates, new colleague to train, and new accounting software. I. WANT. MY. OLD. LIFE. BACK!!!

I can't even have a peaceful lunchbreak anymore but as my BFF put it, I am still too blessed to be stressed. I am blessed to have a job in the first place. I am blessed to have a blissfully chaotic family. I am blessed to have a healthy teenager (literally and metaphorically), I am blessed to have a terrible but sweet toddler, I am blessed to have an annoying but great husband.

In fact, I am blessed beyond words. When I thought I was drowning from work related matters, I booked a quick getaway with my family to celebrate love (our wedding anniversary) and life (my birthday) in our favourite island, Bintan! We went during off peak days and we had the beach all to ourselves! Well, sort of! It was a short but rejuvenating break! GOD is GOOD all the time!

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  1. God is good all the time! So very true!! Glad you all had a rejuvenating get-away Che.