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My son is currently studying in a traditional school that uses conventional teaching methods. He just finished Nursery 2 (N2) and will be moving on to Kindergarten 1 (K2) in January. During the parent-teacher meeting which I attended a week ago, G's teacher was all praises about him. Towards the end of the meeting, she asked me not to worry as G is already considered a bright boy and his learning capabilities are quite advance compared to his other classmates.

At the age of 4, G can write and recognise numbers 1 to 100. At times though, when he counts from 13 to 19, he'd say 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 instead of saying thirteen, fourteen... deliberately changing "teen" with "ty". When being asked to repeat counting because he is counting wrongly, he'd oblige and start counting correctly.

My husband also started teaching him about addition and subtraction but he doesn't fully understand the concept of plus and minus just yet. I thought G is already considered so smart at his age, until we visited Stamford Education for a numeracy and literacy assessment. At Stamford Education, kids are taught about number places (ones, tens and hundreds), simple problem solving focusing on addition and subtraction, and odd and even numbers.

G can recognise and write (mostly in upper case) letters A to Z and read children's books. I thought he is quite advance too at his age until he had the literacy assessment done. He passed with flying colours reading both simple and complicated words but to my surprise, children his age at Stamford Education can spell both simple and complicated words, read The Straits Times newspaper and construct simple sentences for composition writing.

Both the numeracy and literacy assessment proved that G's learning progress is 1 year behind. The good thing about Stamford Education's NEW EDUCATION is they have customized framework and specialised learning methods based on your child's learning progress and not by age. This means that the children are allowed to progress at their own pace.

I also like how they focus on "Learning Through Play". With Stamford Education, learning becomes fun and takes off the unnecessary pressure on children as they journey to their fullest potential in language, numeracy, creativity and more! I was shown clips of the kids at Stamford Education that show real results and I was really impressed and amazed.. How I wish I could afford to enroll G there.

The 12,000 sq ft school at the 4th level of MacDonald House have a spacious outdoor playground. On top of that, they also have an indoor brain gym and a big open space learning area with the most effective learning materials for English, Mathematics, Geography and Science.

If you are keen to know your child's learning progress and have him/her assessed at Stamford Education, click this link ---> and type sweet_memoirs under the section, Apply Coupon.

Stamford Education will be sponsoring your child 1 month worth of free Exposure classes which will include Know Your Child Assessment and 3 x sessions of Brain Gym Classes worth $90.

Other important information about Stamford Education for your reference:

Location: MacDonald House, 40A Orchard Road, #04-11 Singapore 238838

Contact details: (T) 6589 8888; (E)

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Electives (Geography & Culture and Science & Nature)
  • Brain Gym
  • Foundation enrichment
  • Bridging enrichment
  • Holistic childcare services
Teacher to student ratio: 1:8

No. of classrooms: 20 (include classrooms and open learning corners)
Why Stamford Education: As Singapore's only tailored whole brain preschool, Stamford Education allows children to have the freedom to create their own learning journey. 

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