StickerKid: High Quality Swiss-Made Name Labels

I have always love labelling my things and I carried on doing so from Kindergarten all the way to university. In fact, it was when I was studying dentistry that I benefited from personalizing my stuff the most because dental instruments and most products that dental students use are similar if not exactly the same. And yes, I shouldn't forget to emphasize that it's expensive too so we can't really afford to lose them.

Nothing beats the feeling of gratification when I don't have to fight with my classmates who owns which because my name stuck on my possession is screaming. Also, there are times that I misplace my things and when someone finds it they return it to me because I have my name on it. 

Fast forward to today, I continued labelling my kids' stuff for the same reasons and they love it. When the kind folks at offered me a trial pack of their stickers, the kids were thrilled. We wasted no time and went to their site right away. I got my boy to choose the text and sticker colours and the logo he liked and he had so much fun doing so.

A week later, our StickerKid trial pack arrived in our doorstep. They sent us 60 small stickers, 20 clothing stickers and 14 shoe stickers. Needless to say that these stickers were StickerKid's most popular labels from their wide variety of sticker products.

SHOE LABEL (38 x 40mm)

It's either I don't keep up to date with the latest trends or this thing is quite new to the market but it's the first time I heard about shoe label. Brilliant idea, I must say. Students are required to wear the same colour of shoes and given the limited brands that sell school shoes, the percentage of students wearing the same shoe brand and/or design is quite high.

Now, I don't have to worry anymore that my boy comes home wearing his classmate's shoes. I also labelled his rubber shoes and sneakers so that when we go to indoor playgrounds that require children to take off their shoes before entering the premises, I don't have to frantically look for it after.

FUN FACT: Your kids can choose the colour of the text, the sticker background and the logo. For the logo, there are 12 categories to choose from including animals, superheroes, vehicles, and smileys to name a few.

SMALL LABELS (46 x 6mm)

The small labels is perfect for pencils, colour pencils, pencil case, rulers, amongst many other things your kids use in school. You can customize the colour of the sticker and text to your preference.

Best of all, the sticker survives water, sun and sand. Perfect for my boy's sand castle set which we bring with us most of the time when we go the the beach.

The sticker stick on plastic, glass, wood and metal. They also survive in dishwashers and microwave. Just make sure that you place the sticker on a flat surface which is clean, dry and free of any grease.


My girl recently went on a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) camp. The iron-on fabric labels came in handy as I want her to be able to identify her clothes easily when packing her dirty clothes after the camp.

The labels also help our househelp identify K's clothes from mine. Last time, K's shirts and blouses end up in my wardrobe or the other way around. We wear about the same size of clothes nowadays and our househelp tend to get confused who's clothes is which. Problem solved by the clothes label.

FYI: These iron-on labels for clothes are removable. When your kids outgrow their clothes and you wish to donate or pass it on to other kids in your family circle, you can remove the labels by simply reheating the label with the iron and gently peeling it off after.

StickerKid have a variety of labels to choose from! They also offer round and heart-shaped stickers and if you want your stickers to stand out, you can have your photo printed on it too! Other products they carry include Christmas gift labels (perfect this gift-giving season!), door labels, identification labels and posters.

Check all their products here and use SG10STICKERKI8_U2 to avail 10% discount on your purchase, valid till the end of the year.

Three things you'll love about StickerKid:
  • They use the highest quality materials and all their products are made in Switzerland.
  • Every label is protected with a thin plastic layer to ensure that their products withstand any challenge.
  • They do not add their name to your children's stickers as your kids should clearly be free from any form of advertising.

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