Culinary Indulgence at Antonio's Restaurant, Tagaytay

Apart from Sonya’s Garden, Tagaytay also has another gem that is recognized as one of the best not only in the country, but also in all of Asia. Touted as one of Asia’s Best Restaurants (link: by William Reed Business Media (link: (the same company that publishes The World’s 50 Best Restaurants), Antonio’s Restaurant (link: has been serving good food to the public since 2003.
Address: Purok 138, Barangay Neogan | Tagaytay, Luzon PHILIPPINES
Owned by Chef Tony Boy Escalante (on your visit, he can usually be seen interacting with the guests), Antonio’s Tagaytay offers a fusion of Modern European-Filipino fare, coupled with exceptional service and a beautiful ambiance housed in a Spanish-colonial style mansion. Going to the restaurant is a retreat in itself, because every guest is instantly welcomed and pampered upon entry.

 The restaurant is famed for their steaks and “Lechon de leche” - suckling pig, flavored with herbs and spices, slow-roasted the traditional Filipino way. However, one cannot miss their fresh salad greens, freshly harvested from their own farm.

Antonio’s Restaurant offers a set menu which includes a salad, soup, entrée, dessert and coffee or tea. During my visit, I ordered the roasted rack of lamb and it went way beyond my expectations. It was cooked to medium perfection!

Looking at the interiors of the mansion, and its well-manicured garden, it is not surprising to know that Antonio’s is a classic favorite for weddings, reunions, and other similar events. It is a restaurant where you can dine comfortably with friends and family, and where you can rest and revel in the beautiful nature scenery without having to venture far from Manila.

As the restaurant caters to a limited number of guests only, it is imperative to make a reservation before your visit. A visit (with loved ones and friends) to Antonio’s Restaurant Tagaytay will surely be a memorable experience, as it is a world-class restaurant known not only for its culinary masterpieces, but also for its gorgeous setting as well.
About the author: Rouella is a regular contributor of Sweet Memoirs based in the Philippines. She aims to live a life of faith, learning, inspiration and gratitude. A nurse by profession, she juggles her time between work, school, advocacy, arts and recreational activities. She shares her wonderful finds on her lifestyle blog.

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