Beauty Hope Eyelash Extension Review

11th of December, a day before I went back to the Philippines to attend my sister-in-laws wedding and a grand family reunion/Christmas vacation, I went for an eyelash extension at Beauty Hope. It was my first time doing the procedure and the two main reasons why I decided to go for it are:

1) I am lazy putting on a mascara everyday, more so fake lashes
2) I want to look good both in person and in photos during my entire vacation

"There are no ugly women, just lazy ones", declared Helena Rubinstein, a beauty entrepreneur and a quintessential self-made woman. It was a downright declaration I must say and I unfortunately belong to the "lazy ones". I am infinitely aware that I can be prettier if only I exert extra effort and more time beautifying my face.

The thing is, I was born with lazybones. I know, that's a lame excuse but honestly I don't have the luxury (a.k.a. ample time) to put on make up and mascara everyday before going to work. At times, there's not even a hint of lipstick on my lips. Yes, I am one of those very few women who are brave enough to face the world without make up just because we prefer to sleep longer than wake up earlier to put on make up.

BUT.., I have a confession to make. On special occasions and events, I do wear make up to look presentable to people I meet and to look prettier in photos. Case in point, I paid a professional make up artist and had my hair done when I attended the Singapore Blog Awards 2015. Don't be surprised if I tell you it was only second time in my 37 years wearing fake eyelashes, my first time was when I went for a make-over on my wedding day.

Having said that, you aren't surprised anymore why I went for the eyelash extension are you?

On the day of my appointment at Beauty Hope in their Waterloo branch, I was greeted heartily by Beauty Hope's staff and I filled in a health questionnaire before I was escorted in the "beauty chamber". The consultant also discussed with me what type of extension I will be getting. We settled for medium length and natural looking eyelash extension. Since it was my first time doing it, I didn't go for anything extreme.

The beautician who attended to me was very gentle, skilled and professional. She kept checking if I am doing fine during the 1-hour procedure. Does it hurt? You may ask. Well, not at all. I was kept comfortable the entire time.

Please excuse my untidy eyebrows, but here's showing you the before and after photos (front view).

And the before and after photos (side view). What a great transformation, right? Saying I love the result is actually an understatement.

Here's the first selfie I took at the airport wearing only my eyelash extensions that I shared on Instagram. My friends commented it looked very nice and natural. I was so happy I went for it! I didn't feel any heavy feeling like what you feel when wearing fake eyelashes.

Here's how I look at my sister-in-laws wedding in Makati, Metro Manila without the fake eyelashes they put on earlier for the wedding entourage photoshoot (exactly 8 days after the procedure) and

here's my entire look from a distance. I was my sister-in law's Matron of Honour. It pays to be vain once in a while, right? After the wedding, we flew to my hometown in Isabela from Manila and went on a 3-day road trip to Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur with my entire family. We flew back to Manila on the 27th and we finally flew back to Singapore on the 30th. I have been busy tidying up our apartment which we abandoned for 3 weeks.

Here's the wefie I took with the hubby at the strike of new year 2016 which we quietly celebrated at home. Excuse my hubby's kissy face, I just wanted to show you that most of my extensions are still intact after 3 weeks despite all the travelling we did. All I did was to be extra careful when washing and drying my face.

Verdict: I will definitely do an eyelash extension again for a special event.

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  1. Pssstttt you should have gone for extreme hahaha, oh la la, I love M's kissing lips LOL, I wonder when I could take a selfie like that with O wehehehe hmmm I was smiling the whole time reading this since it was exactly how our Whatsup conversation went earlier- make up thingy laziness hehe, hmmm I'd love to have eyelash extension too!!! :) See you soon in SG :D