D' Elegance Luxury Shapewear Collection

In my review post about my consultation at D' Elegance, I purposely did not talk about the technical details of their products because I intended to do that in this follow up post featuring their shapewear products.

To start with, here are some facts about D' Elegance luxury shapewear collection extracted from their informative and beautifully designed website:
  • D' Elegance seamlessly blend technological innovation, master craftsmanship and smart three-dimensional cutting techniques to come up with the perfect shapewear.
  • D' Elegance shapewear are made of high quality, breathable fabrics that make it cool and comfortable to wear even in countries with tropical climate like Singapore and the Philippines.
  • D' Elegance products can be adjusted according to your measurement taken professionally by the consultants during a one-on-one consultation to ensure that you achieve the perfect fit.
  • Personalisation is the key to D' Elegance costumer experience. You are not only assured that the shapewear you buy will perfectly fit your body, you'll also learn and understand more about your body, what works for you and how and habits and lifestyle play a part in helping you achieve that ideal figure.
  • At D' Elegance, you can be sure that the shapewear you bring home is going to be an ultimate accessory to help you sculpt a svelte figure - instantly! I experienced that first hand!
As cliche as it may sound, some good things are meant to be shared. If I was blown away by my transformation after wearing the D' Elegance shapewear that Elida recommended to me during my exclusive consultation with her, I assure you that you will be too! 

You have to experience it yourself to know that I am telling you nothing but the truth. I am not paid by D' Elegance to say this but I dare say their shapewear is worth every single dollar that you are going to spend. 

Yes, so much worthy than your most priced LV bag or Louboutin shoes because D' Elegance shapewear will give you that self-confidence which you used to think no amount of money can buy.

Here are the many benefits you can reap from wearing D' Elegance shapewear:
  • Breast Shaping - or in my case, instant bust lift and instant cleavage. That "magic trick" that Elida and Rain demonstrated to me really worked! Before visiting D' Elegance for an exclusive consultation, I have never thought in my entire life that wearing a brassiere properly isn't just about putting them on. You have to go for a consultation to understand what I am talking about. Don't forget to quote Sweet Memoirs so they will offset the $100 usual consultation charge.
  • Back Smoothing - say goodbye to unsightly bulges and back fat beneath form hugging dresses! 
  • Tummy Taming - say goodbye to a bulging "mummy tummy"! 
  • Hip Smoothing - say hello to a much slimmer hip and waist line!
  • Thigh Shaping - the long girdle will work like magic, say goodbye to the unsightly cellulite bulges in your thigh and buttocks!
  • Waist Shaping - with D' Elegance waist shapers, you can say goodbye to your love handles!
  • Posture Improving - D' Elegance body shapers are designed to provide support for your back and shoulders.
  • After Childbirth - D' Elegance shapewear will help you get back your pre-baby figure back!
If I have the means of hoarding the complete D' Elegance luxury shapewear collection, I will! Shown in the photo above are Elida's recommendations which I greatly benefited from: bodysuit, vest, long girdle and brassiere. I also bought their very comfortable and thin panty (the thinnest and most comfortable panty I have ever owned) in shades of black and nude. 

FYI: Most of their products comes in 3 shades: black, beige and nude. 

*This post is brought to you by D' Elegance and Sweet Memoirs collaboration. No monetary compensation was received in exchange of this review. 

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