Family Journal: A Day To Remember

Prolegomenon (a new word I learned today): You may skip this and jump to the main story if you are pressed with time.

It's the first 28th day of the Year 2016 and it ended up to be a day to remember, hence my title for this post. Not so sure if you noticed but I have been contemplating lately whether to discontinue personal blogging entirely and just stick with passion blogging, that's why I didn't exert much effort about sandwiching a personal post in between my sponsored posts anymore when I started blogging again after a relatively long hiatus. We had a 3-wk vacation in the Philippines and totally neglected this blog. I even declined my first paid post for the year because the topic was about divorce and it's the last thing I want to appear here at Sweet Memoirs this year. 

Obviously, I chose to continue passion blogging with a bit of personal blogging thrown in once in a while to break the monotony. Thanks to Martine, my unofficial blogging mentor for giving me a bit of clarity in my blogging direction and goals this year. Dear Martine, I will definitely hire you to be my official blogging mentor when I am rich enough. Haha.

Main Story

My apologies for digressing but anyway, here's what I intended to blog today. I wish to document today's happenings because it's really these beautiful little things that matter in life.

We started the day ordinarily.., woke up, had breakfast and prepared to leave for work. The only difference in my daily morning routine was waking up G early (we normally let him sleep in until 9 to 10am) because the hubby who took childcare leave today had to bring to the immigration to settle his permanent residence application (he's the only one in our family who is born and bred in Singapore yet ironically, he is the only in our family who is not a premanent resident yet).

To cut our morning prep story short, we took the same train and parted ways at Lavender station. The train was unusually slow but I managed to reach my workplace before 9am. While settling some paperworks, I printed the leave form and applied for an urgent half day (PM) leave. It was a spur of the moment decision because I wanted to be with the husband who rarely gets a day of rest from work.

My leave was approved and it turned out to be another Best.Last.Minute.Decision. I ever made.

I met the hubby at my workplace after lunch and brought him to the dentist I personally know nearby. The dentist used to be my colleague in a dental clinic at Upper East Coast Road way back in 2006. I left the practice in 2007 and I heard that he also left and put up his own clinic at Farrer Road (just 5-minute taxi ride away from my workplace). He did my braces sometime in 2009 (or is it 2010?) and the last time I visited him was during my de-bond appointment weeks before I gave birth to G in 2011.

I felt bad visiting him empty handed so I bought this Blissful Prosperity macaroons from Delifrance. He just finished his last patient (AM session) when we reached the clinic so I had a brief time catching up with him. He even spared some time to adjust my traditional Hawley retainer before he left for his PM session at his other clinic branch in Sembawang.

His female colleague attended to my husband. It was my first time meeting her but she is so nice and accommodating. She did 3 fillings for the hubster who was born with a sweet tooth.

Post dental appointment, (28th is our monthsary bytheway in case you still don't know. Yes, we are mushy like that, haha!) we decided to have a quick coffee date at D' Good Cafe in Holland V which happened to be just one train station away from Farrer Road.  I have been to this place for a food tasting event before and I made a mental note to come back with the hubby for a date. We didn't have a chance to do so until today. Our last visit was to take away their crowd pleaser tripplet cheesecake after a dinner date in a restaurant next door.

What we ate and more tumblr photos (borrowed term from my teenager) deserve another blog entry so I am skipping the details for now. But since I can't help it, here's a teaser tumblr photo I took while waiting for our mains!

What is there not to love about this place??? Nada! The ambience, the interior, the coffee, the food, and the cake are all worth coming back for more.

Highlight of our visit: We finally had this spot (the most popular spot in the whole cafe I think) all to ourselves and the server offered to take a snap. To be honest, we were the oldest couple in the cafe but we felt young and in love! LOL. We lingered for a while to watch the beautiful world go by whilst sipping our remaining coffee.

On our way back to the train station, we passed by this provision shop selling toys and lots of other stuff. We decided to buy G a rainbow magic string worth $2. We wanted to hurry home and fetch him from school at 5pm but since we were already running a little late, we just took our own sweet time and reached home by 5:30pm.

G loved his new toy so much that he hung it in his bicycle when I took him out for his daily dose of outdoor fun at our neighbourhood park.

When he got tired from cycling, we stayed at the playground until 7pm. I was his only playmate and I loved it.

Caught this heart-melting #siblinglove moment. K just came back from school, I called her while she was in the bus and G asked me to tell her to drop by in the playground before heading home because he missed her. Isn't that sweet?!

Also had a brief time exchanging whatsapp messages with my BFF and she sent me this photo saying she's getting heavier each day. I replied and said I refused to accept the fact that I was getting heavier too! Haha! Never a dull moment with her, chatting with her is definitely a therapy for me! I was actually sending her snippets of my day and captioned, days when I feel my life is perfect and she went awwww. Hahaha! I cannot imagine life without my God-sent BFF! In my life's highs and lows, she is my constant and ever ready listening ear.

After dinner, G got knocked out! I want to say poor little boy but I was actually happy that he dozed off after doodling spirals in his drawing block. He hid under his chair and before I knew it, he was already sleeping soundly. I wasn't only happy because this growing big boy need to catch up some sleep but also because, finally I had time to blog! Hooraaaaay! Hahaha! I know I start to sound like a lunatic here laughing to my shallow self but G sleeping a couple of hours before his usual bedtime makes my blogging life alive, don't you think?! After taking this photo, I took him to bed, wiped his body with a cloth soaked in luke warm water and changed him into pyjamas.

Another thing to be happy about, hubby and I skipped dinner (insert happy dance emoticon here). Isn't that something to celebrate about? Haha! As I am blah-berring here ATM (not referring to an ATM machine here but the infamous acronym in FB these days that means AThe Moment) , K, M and G are now in slumberland. FYI: Had a date with K yesterday so please do not accuse me that I neglected my teenager while I spent quality time with the hubster and G, ok?

Off to take my own sweet time in the shower and join everyone in their sweetest dreams.

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  1. I too have passed a lot of opps lately even copy and paste, I couldn't find myself logging in blogger sometimes :( I do miss the writing your heart out though, like your post here is something I miss doing too. love that bangus :)