Meet and Greet Session at Ikea Tampines with Child Prodigy, Chef Estie Kung of Man vs Child

As part of the Chef Estie's Asian Tour, a meet and greet was held last Sunday at IKEA Tampines. The child prodigy is among the five young chefs working as a team to star in Lifetime’s culinary competition series Man Vs. Child: Chef Showdown. The team will showcase their culinary abilities and defend themselves against professionally trained adult chefs.

The first part of the event were series of games where the audience got to compete against the eight year old Chef Estie. The games demonstrated her cooking skills and knowledge about the kitchen.

The youngest among the young chefs, Chef Estie also captured the interest of the viewers as she wittingly answered all questions about her. Indeed, being a celebrity chef does not only require cooking prowess as Chef Estie captivated the crowd with her bubbly charisma and intelligence.  It's amazing how she handled all the attention and  camera flashes and not losing the interest of the audience.

Chef Estie started helping her mom cook when she was 3 yrs old. She cooked her 1st dish at 5 yrs old and began competing at the age of 7.

Twenty years from now, young Estie see herself owning a restaurant which serve French cuisine, having her own TV show and writing cooking books. Despite all the attention, she is a typical child who loves reading and whose favorite book is Harry Potter. She loves  to cook filet mignon and likes to eat caviar.

We were given opportunities to snap photos and meet Chef Estie up close. However, my son were all over the floor during the early part of the event and unfortunately gave in to his temper during the photo session!

Truly an inspiration to the young generations, "Don't Under-Estie-mate this young chef.

Catch her  and other talented young  chefs  in Man vs Child : Chef Showdown, which will premiere on Starhub's Lifetime Channel on 26th January 2016, every Tuesday at 7 pm and replay at 10pm.
About the writer: Muriel recently relocated in Singapore with her family and is currently exploring the world of a SAHM. In between home making and baby sitting her only son, she is reigniting her love for writing as a Sweet Memoirs contributor. As a former Editor-in-Chief of a university school paper, it never fails to amaze her how group of letters become words and how words turn into an article of great read. 

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