Mel's drive-in | San Francisco, California

A Diner is a casual food establishment that serves breakfast, lunch or dinner anytime and they usually open long hours.

As an Asian, to dine in a typical American diner is new in my book. :)  With that in mind, let me share  with you my experience...

Mel's drive-in is the first ever Diner I've ever been to...

this is what it looks like inside...

this is their menu (they have a variety from appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, pancakes, juice, etc to choose from)...and our picks were...

Grandma's Chicken Soup with Noodles
An old fashioned style soup served with crackers on the side.  It almost looked like it is home made which is why I like it. It's very comforting yet light.  Their menu says that this is 'the best in town'. This serving is in cup, an option of ordering it in a bowl is available.

Meat Loaf Sandwich
A very hearty sandwich (in white bread)  which is best eaten with ketchup and served with french fries.  When ordering this, they'll give you an option to choose your bread of preference (white, sour dough, rye or white bread). 

Golden Brown Belgian Waffle
Belgian Waffles topped with fresh berries and whipped cream. It has the crunch on the outside and moist inside.

Side order of Bacon
One of my guilty pleasures! I love Bacon!

The food were pretty decent and were freshly prepared when served.  I wouldn't mind coming back here again and try some other items on their menu.

Price Range: $$

Address: 4th & Mission 801 Mission Street San Francisco CA 94103
About the author: Marjorie is a regular contributor of Sweet Memoirs. She's inspired to read other's blogs and at the same time enjoys sharing her travel and food adventures. She likes spending quality time with her family and embracing every seasons of life.  

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