My Five Words for 2016

I shall call these words my goals, not resolutions because I am not good at sticking to my resolutions year after year.

1) Simplify 

To be honest, my life is full of clutter. I am talking about the excess amount of things we have at home (things that we have accumulated over the years but don't really need/use). This year, my goal is to reduce, organize and retain only the things that matter.

I am also determined to shop less, be it clothes, furnitures, and whatnots, as part of my simplifying goal. When we had our Christmas vacation in the Philippines, I realized that we live in overabundance back in Singapore. 

2) Share

Good things are meant to be shared and I wish to continue sharing every single blessing I receive not only to my family but also to others in need. Last year, my family started a feeding and outreach program to the less fortunate families in our village. My goal is to save more extra money so that I can continue to support the cause annually.

3) Serve

This word is meant for my husband whose language of love is service. I am the type of person who enjoys being served, pampered and taken cared of. With all due credit to M, he does everything and spoil me rotten. I wish to do the same for him and start making him a priority before the children. I am guilty of putting the children my utmost priority in the past years and neglected him so I intend to make up for all my shortcomings this year. 

I am a self-confessed lazybones and spoiled brat (it has got something to do with being the youngest in the family #lamestexcuseiknow) so this goal will be a real challenge to me. Fighting!

4) Smile

and the world smiles at you. I want to make that one of my mantra this year. There must be a reason why God gave me dimples. It is to brighten other people's lives, including strangers. I wish to make a conscious effort to smile more often.

5) Grow

This goal is for Sweet Memoirs. Last year has been extremely rewarding for the blog especially after being chosen as Top 10 Finalist for Best Lifestyle Blog at the Singapore Blog Awards 2015. I have been very busy with all the media invites, sponsorships and collaborations thrown my way. Some of which, I am unable to attend or seal the deal due to lack of time. 

I am not complaining though. In fact, I am truly grateful for what Sweet Memoirs have achieved so far and I felt the need to build a team and expand my personal space online. If not, I may not survive 2016 and the years to come doing everything by myself. I am no superwoman!

On top of these 5 goals, I wish to be a more organized person and take note of all my family member's schedule by heart. Yesterday, my boy missed his first aikido lesson because I failed to take note of the schedule in my calendar. #worldsworstmom

M was utterly disappointed in me because all these years I relied in him to be my personal organizer, reminder and alarm clock. I will be more responsible from now on, I won't promise but I will just do it like Jordan. LOL

Kidding aside, I wish that 2016 will be a better year for my marital affairs. We have been badly shaken twice last year and it made me really, really sad and fearful that one day I will just wake up to another nightmare of a broken family. Putting God in the midst of everything and hoping for another blessed year ahead.


  1. hoping for another blessed year with you......mmmmm gosh this makes me miss the hubby but not the wifey duties like making his coffee every after meal hahahaha :)
    add "d" on a word on line 2 of # 3 "wink"
    ...mmmm echoing all of your five words, Amen. yabyew twinzypotsy

  2. Simple words but with deep meaning. Thanks for this post as a reminder for living life with essence.

    Jinkee Umali

  3. Great goals to have for 2016 Cherry! Praying that you will be able to achieve all of them...I am sure you will!:) Thank you for sharing! :-)

  4. I like that you used words to know your goals for 2016. Easy to remember too: SSSSG. Congrats on being chosen as a top finalist of the lifestyle blog award. Hope I will bump into you in one of the events here

  5. I totally agree with number 1. I have lots of clutter in my life and I feel so overwhelmed. Super! Have a fruitful year ahead, Cherry! May it be filled with love and God's blessings!

  6. Simplify! Have you heard about the Konmari method? Basically you gather items around your home and ask yourself, "Does this spark joy?" If it doesn't throw it out. :D There's a whole awesome book to it - "The life-changing magic of tidying up." It could help with your goal to Simplify this year :)