A Quick Couple Date at D' Good Cafe

'Twas 28th of January, our first monthsary for the year when we finally get to chance to visit D' Good Cafe at Holland Village for a quick coffee date.

I fell in love with this cafe the first time I visited and promised myself to bring the hubby here for a date. Almost every corner in Instagram-worthy!

Didn't I just say Instagram-worthy? How adorable is this?

And how pretty is this?

Hubby and I chose this spot because the two swings were taken and look at the adorable oreo cookie stool! The table which looks like an upcycled sewing machine reads Keep Calm and Carry On. Gotta love this corner!

I had latte and hubby had frappe while waiting for our mains to be served. I was craving for their signature triplet cheesecake so I ordered one for us to share the calories! Haha

 For mains, hubby decided to have Fresh Sea Prawn Aglio Olio (salivating yet?)

and I had this yummy pancake creation called Pomegranate Citrus Smoked Duck. It is actually a dessert but if you are a small eater like me, it can be turned into a proper meal itself. I love, love, love the entirety of this creation, as if each ingredient is made to compliment each other. So rich in flavours and texture!

One swing was vacated when we were about to finish our meals so we quickly transferred to hang around (literally and metaphorically) and watch the beautiful world go by whilst finishing up our coffee and cake. The server even volunteered to take a photo of us as a memento.

Sssssh, we were the oldest couple in the cafe the whole time we were there but we feel so young and in love just being there! Hahahahaha!

Click here for more photos of the place, more food choices, location and other information you need to check before visiting and read Bumble Bee Mum's very detailed post about the cafe here.

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  1. How nice to see you both in-love. :-)

    1. Thanks, Jean! Love looking at yours and Mon's couple pics too.

  2. That is a charming cafe. I can stay there for a whole day, as long as they don't throw me out.

    1. Haha! Yeah, it is such a nice place to sit and watch the beautiful world go by.

  3. Perfect cafe for a couple date! I had a sweet pancake when I was there. Next time I am going for a savoury one. The smoked duck pancake you had looks so goooood!!

    1. And it tastes so goooood too! Must try on your next visit. ;)